The Y Team 3211 present: Hector

This is our robot for 2016, Hector.

Some quick specs:
4 CIM Drive train using 2 VexPro ball sifters, with 6 8’’ AndyMark Pneumatic wheels with a center drop.

30’’ width Boulder collecting arm, with centering using rubber cords, also functioning as a loading mechanism.

Front arm with 2 omni wheels, for the Chevel de Fries and Portcullis.

2 775Pro motors with a 3:1 encoded Versaplanetary for the shooter.
Shooter angle varies using a screw mechanism.

Quickly crossing 7/9 defenses in the game.

Feel free to ask anything =]

That video and robot are both absolutely GORGEOUS!

Good job, definitely one of my favorites so far!

Love that pickup! Polycord is great for pickups.

Link is broken, sorry.

fixed link.

Great job!!

As an alumni, can’t wait to see Hector works!!:smiley: