The Y Team 3211 swerve reveal

Team 3211 The Y team is proud to present our swerve drive project!
Go watch our - swerve reveal!!


What material is used for the 3D printed parts? Also, is the azimuth gear also printed?

How much testing have you done with those printed forks? My gut instinct is telling me they might crack under high loads. I’m particularly worried about the area I circled in the photo below where a lot of material is removed for the bolts and bevel gear.

In the CAD those forks looked like they were aluminum, I’d be more inclined to trust them if that were the case on the real module. If you want to continue to print the forks I recommend looking at any of Nick Coussens swerve designs and use those forks as inspiration. Feel free to prove me wrong if you have done the testing and proved that those printed forks will hold up to the rigors of competition.
Edit: Link to one of Nick Coussens designs that you could use as inspiration 2020 Fall Swerve


From the reveal video it seems that the robot that the swerve is made for is just a drive train. I’m assuming the overall robot is not very heavy.

Though in competition when another robot strikes it, or it strikes another robot I would think it would put stresses on the plastic brackets.

We use the Onyx 3D printer for most of the parts including the azimuth gear.
The material of the parts is micro carbon fiber mixed with PLA.

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You’re right, we only tested it as a drive train and not with full robot weight.
This was just a POC before we manufacture the real aluminum parts.

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