The Year That Must Not Be Named

I was answering a question on a different topic and was reminded of “the year we don’t talk about”. I was wondering if any of you have a Year/Robot that you do not talk about.
Ours was Stronghold. It was a terrible year for the team. We couldn’t really turn, we just bounced around. Our gears were out of alignment and really couldn’t be fixed. We got stuck on the defenses more times that I care to remember.
We always say “We don’t talk about that year”, but we seem to always mention it. Even new members know not to discuss THAT year.


I have a feeling that this thread either isn’t going to go very far, or someone will keep necrobumping it for the next few years.


We had 2 horable years. the big one was 2016. our robot was made out of pure wood and broke in half when we were tying to go over one of the defenses.

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Two thousand and (cough cough, number between 8 and 10)


our 2016 bot.

2013 could be considered, but not talking about big wooden climbing gears is a disservice.

2009, 2010, 2014 are probably the ones we don’t talk about.

2009 - My senior year. Our robot was an over complicated non-functional mess. The drivetrain was a hybrid tank/crab with the car steering in the front, car steering in the back, and the left and right sides separately powered. It was just a little bit off from a swerve, but so, so much less functional than a swerve. Also it had a turret that didn’t work and we survived entirely off our human player.

2010 - Ugh. The mecanum year.

2014 - We made a wooden robot. Why? Why did we do that?


Build season was disorganized, robot was a mess, we tried to focus on high boiler and only ended up scoring 2 fuel the whole season. Needless to say didn’t qualify for dcmp or worlds.


2015 wasn’t my team’s greatest year, but the real bad one for us was 2013. Even though we typically keep all of our robots on display, we opted to dismantle our 2013 bot for parts.

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2006 - We don’t talk about because no one knows anything about it. We have a couple photos, but that’s about it. The year can be named, but what would we say?

2010 - Bad mecanum, no room for electronics, bad kicker, bad climber, looked like a Old West covered wagon, only time we’ve ever torn polycarbonate.

2011 minibot. Both of them.

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We do not discuss the year that is also the team number of the Cybergnomes.*

*No fault of theirs. We like the Cybergnomes, but would like to forget that year.

  1. Our robot was fine and all but it was forced to participate in the game that shall not be named.

It’s important to talk about the bad years as well. Lessons learned and what not.

With that being said, we usually skip over the 2015 game when talking about past years. It’s just so… forgettable?


I’ve waited a very long time for this thread to appear. In 2014 1710 built what I believe is the worst robot to ever qualify to championships ever. I wasn’t on the team that year but I had an older sibling who was and I joined the year after. In 2014 1710 built a robot intentionally incapable of scoring any points and built a goalie focused robot. The only problem was that it wasn’t very good at blocking goals as it was pretty easy to avoid being blocked. On top of that, this robot racked up ALOT of penalties. I dont have the exact numbers on hand but it scored something like -10 to -30 points a match on average. This means that our alliances would have been better off if we had not made it to the field. After our first regional the leaders should have realized that the concept wasn’t going to work and scrapped the goalie for a simple intake but they refused and kept with the same robot at champs.

Lessons learned: Don’t build a robot that can’t score points. If your original idea is a total failure, maybe change your design.


Definitely 2016 for us too. We forgot to register for one of our regionals that year, but that turned out to be lucky, as our robot never scored a single point. Our mentor who joined in 2017 complains that we stuck to the “year that must not be named” ethos so much that he never heard the full story until very recently.

Now it’s a sort of fun story to scare freshmen with though.

2016 - hello suspension tank drive

2013 - I have heard whispers of a botched scissor lift

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We like to look over 2015


We don’t have a year like that. We just took a gap year in 2016.


We make sure we talk extensively about our worst years- Or at least, I try to. It’s best to remember where you messed up, or where you just got unlucky, because then you can take action to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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In Israel nobody talks about 2010
a lot of connection issues on the field, matches were played 1 vs 1 and a lot of other problems I dont know much about because I didnt participate in that year.
you can see the result here:
one of the finals ended in a score of 1-0.


Same here - 2015 is brought up a LOT on 4607. It was a complete disaster for us. 2017 is a close second.