The Year with no Archived Video

Three events currently have folks recording them.

I have only heard from a single group about Week 1 Regional recorded video.

At this rate, Breakaway will be the least-recorded FIRST game ever. :ahh:

I will gladly volunteer to parse recorded video again this year, especially Week 2 events as I am on Spring Break, but someone has to record them first!

Also, 2175 is working on tracking down a second capture device to record 10k Lakes as well so that should be 4 events.

So I take it this means there is no GSR footage?

What it means is that no one has posted on CD or FIRSTWiki that they were planning on recording GSR. It doesn’t necessarily mean nobody did record it.

The only regional I have been contacted about is SDC. If anyone knows of GSR video we’ll gladly host it, but it may not exist.

I didn’t see any devices connected to the recording station provided by lights and sound.

I know of MOREnet’s archive(Kansas City Regional):
as well as a archive of the Oregon Regional:

Any NJ Regional videos?

I might be able to stream/record the NYC Regional, although I don’t think I have the proper equipment…

Give me raw video and I can edit/encode it.

Does anyone know how to contact the Bellarmine Prep Robotics Alumni Association to ask for permission to use their video of the Oregon regional?

I’ve contacted MOREnet about their Kansas City video.

Thanks all!

Due to “technical difficulties” aka they forgot the av splitter multiplier amplifier to allow connection to the video feed I did not get to record the traverse city district competition. The guy running the video equipment promises it will be on ftp location this week.

I know a few students on 360. I’ll see if they can get the permission so that TBA can put the vids up on their site.

Willing to parse anything people can get me files of. I’m on spring break with nothing to do :slight_smile:

I can get on Kansas City and have it all parsed if they say “yes”.

I hope to be shooting for the local news the Waterloo regional and the GTR regional but once the stuff for the news is shot I can shoot a fair bit of b-rolll of everything from the pits to the stands to some of the action on the field as I have done in previous years and have it for those who want it, last year I used team 781’s FTP server to upload the files.

It’s not every match but it’s something at least…

I haven’t really figured out what I am doing this year yet but then again in news I think we figure everything out in five minutes to deadline and just do it :slight_smile:

I’ll be recording Pittsburg and GTR this year, I may be able to record Saturday of Waterloo also. Sorry I haven’t been able to push for more recordings like previous years, helping to run a team while in 3rd year of my Mechanical Engineering degree can keep one busy… Hopefully someone can step up and help organize the recording/parsing efforts.

I may be able to hook up one of those pinnacle devices and a external drive for the whole thing as well if needed to record the production company feed, I am not sure how all that works as I’ve never used that equipment but I’m sure I can figure it out, when I am shooting with my news camera I don’t record every match, I look for action shots all over the place as I wander around in the pits, stands and field and just shoot on and off and of course a lot of the cheering and stuff that goes on in the stands.

I’m assuming with the pinnacle device you take in composite video and mic level audio and connect a 1TB hard drive and it just records it all as one file if you leave it running all day?

I’ve never really played with that stuff so I don’t know, I’m also assuming AC power is needed?

I will once again be recording the Wisconsin Regional this year. I may need help with the parsing…silly job gets in the way of these important things!

I can definitely help parse Wisconsin as I’ll be on Spring Break next week and have a vested interest in getting that footage done :wink:

I know our film crew recorded a lot of footage ( unfortunately mostly our matches ).

However I am not sure they are allowed to release it as the footage is owned by the University and the are in the process of selling it to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). I’ll talk to them about trying to release it.


Anyone have any footage of FLR? I’d love to at least see the finals.