The "You are wrong" Game


The first person makes a (supposedly) undeniable statement. The next poster has to somehow prove him wrong, and make a statement of their own.


Poster 1: The sky is blue

Poster 2: Maybe by your perception, but everyone’s perception of colors is different, meaning your red could be my blue and vice versa.

I will start with this:

A dog is a mans best friend.


My dog bit his neighbors leg off. That isn’t very friendly. (not really)

the sun is hot


not if its night!

i have fingers. (but ive never seen them fing!)


You dont have fingers, they are actually just part of your imagination.

FIRST has robots.


FIRST has moving structures of art, not robots

the moon is closer to us than the sun


Distance is just the perception of what the eye can see. The sun is larger.

Humans evolved from micro-organisms.


Oh yeah? Give me witnesses! :rolleyes:




a = b
ab = b2
-(ab) = -(b2)
a2-ab = a2-b2
a(a-b) = (a+b)(a-b)
a = a+b
a = 2a
1 = 2

if 1=2 then 2+1=4
or 2=1 then 1+2=2

not 2+1=3 :slight_smile:

Dusk comes before dawn. :smiley:


Unless you were born at night. (Think about it long enough…)

My cat is female. (the disproof could get weird… :rolleyes: Sorry, but she came was looking at me. :))


Unless you remove the first 2 letters of female.

Water is wet.


… but not if it is frozen.

I think, therefore I am.


Except when you stop thinking, then you aren’t.

I am lying.


Except when you are standing.

I am my mother’s son.


Unless you were adopted.

1293 defeated 343 in a match at Palmetto this year. (Let’s see you get this one.)


The root of the word “defeated” is Middle English defeten, from defet, disfigured, from Old French desfait, past participle of desfaire, to destroy, from Medieval Latin disfacere, to destroy, mutilate, undo. Since 343 was not destroyed or mutilated, and I’m stuck in a Medieval mood today, I say 1293 did not defeat 343.

Carrots are vegetables.


Absolutely incorrect. Carrots are vegetables, but vegetables are not carrots.

I’m not sure I understand my reasoning.


Teabags work well to stop the bleeding of wisdom teeth.


Teabags may work well for the gums, but the teeth don’t actually bleed.

It is impossible to make a perfect vacuum.


Depends on your definition of “perfect”. If it cleans the dirt off my floor, it’s perfect enough. :slight_smile:

Engineering school teaches that V=IR


My vacuum works perfectly… it picks up all the dirt (that i can see) in my rug…

in 1999, the worlds busiest airport was Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.


busy in what People or cargo? plus is it outcomming or ingoing traffic? i say your wrong! muhahaha

i can use the word use in a sentence.