The "You are wrong" Game


wrong, it is the 2000th comment, I just deleted mine

Your forum avatar is a bird


My forum avatar is not a bird

In a zombie apocalypse I would die


In the zombie apocalypse you would not die, you would be assimilated into the a much greater race of being and be given the chance at immortal life.

3D printers are flawed creations that can only be improved by being given the ability to instantaneously spawn daemons from the shadow realm.


Wrong, that is not an improvement.



That was the old math, now it doesn’t seem to matter.

The best things in life are free!


Wrong, food is the best thing in life, and it is not free.

Tank tracks are a great idea for robot design


Wrong. Tracks do nothing that pneumatic tires can’t do with less complexity.

e^(i*pi) = -1


Wrong you eat pie, you don’ do math with it.

PIe is yummy


you are wrong, PIe is not yummy, but Pie is.

It is impossible to fit multiple items of a fixed volume into one container of a fixed area if the sum of the volume of the multiple items is more then the fixed area of the container.


Not if science has changed from when you wrote that to now, which it probably has.

I am supposed to CAD the frame for our robot alongside our CAD/design lead.


One can not CAD the perfectness of a robot frame. The gods of robotics flow through you and gift you the power to bring an already existing perfect robot into creation.

Link is a trap. Evidence can be found in the Twilight Princess Manga as he makes me question my sexuality. Furthermore, the Vai Gerudo outfit in Breath of the Wild is one of the most alluring in existence.


Wrong, Link is not a trap, you cannot fall into him and be impaled by wooden spikes.

Manga is the Japanese version of comics and anime is just Japanese cartoons


Wrong, comics are versions of manga outside of japan and cartoons are American/European anime.

CS:GO is a broken game with unbalanced guns.


In comparison to an orbital strike that has the capabilities to obliterate an entire city, all of the weaponry in CS:GO is balanced and weak.

Of all video games created, the best combination of two fictional worlds would be the Legend of Zelda universe and the Borderlands universe.


Wrong, that statement is actually an opinion, others may think otherwise.

The Universe is ever expanding, and eventually it will stretch itself and everything in it apart to destruction or it will fall back in on itself and everything will be destroyed.


Not nessicarily, we don’t know what is outside the observable universe, that may only be the case in what we know.

Abraham Lincoln was shot


Wrong, Abraham Lincoln was hit with very fast moving projectile.

George Washington was the first president.


Wrong, the first president is long forgotten, since the first president of the USA isn’t the first president ever.

My homework is completed.


Wrong, your homework due at the end of the school year isn’t even started yet.

East coast, best coast.


Wrong, East Coast=Least Coast. Infact it’s actually: West Coast=Best Coast. Plus that rhymes.

The meaning of opaque is unclear.