The "You are wrong" Game


The meaning of opaque is very clear:
noun: an opaque thing or substance.

“CIM” in “CIM Motor” stands for “Chiaphua Industries Motor” Motor


False it actually means chips in montana

Cats are smaller than dogs


False, some dogs are smaller than cats

My English classroom is not a rectangle or a square.


Anything can be a rectangle/square if it wants

The cieling is dripping water


Incorrect, the water is dripping ceiling. It’s just a matter of perspective.

Birds aren’t real (Prove me wrong and you’re a government agent)


You aren’t real, bird wonder about your existence as well.

Nose hairs aren’t actually hair.


Isn’t all hair “nose hair?” It depends on where you define the nose as ending.

@Scout6088 is a government agent


@Scout6088 was a rookie member in 2016, meaning he is too young to be a government agent

We’re all living in an epsiode of the Twilight Zone


Currently where I am living it is day time, and twilight is the partially lit time after the sun drops below the horizon, and as the sun is up, it is impossoble for me to be in the twilight zone.

Rolling chairs in a robotics lab are reserved for coders, CADers, and mentors.


The rolling chairs in the robotics lab are reserved exclusively for coders and mentors. In addition, the build team constantly violates this rule as they steal our chairs - rendering the reservation useless and incorrect.

Our school is spying on us through the many security cameras located at every corner.


Our school is merely ensuring our safety and preventing the use or illegal narcotics within the grounds of the campus.

Twilight is the worst book series and movie series in existence.


Twilight is a time of day, not a book and movie series.

It is winter.


it is summer in Australia…

FRC is a good program (prove that wrong without pissing off all of CD)


Wrong, it’s a great program

Fire is hot


In Israel it gets hotter than fire on a normal summer day, fire is cold in comparison.

We just got the Neo Brushless motors and spark maxes and so far they’ve worked great


The Neo Brushless motors and spark maxes have not been working great at all. We had super speedy auto, which means that the motors are working excellent.

The two basic ingredients of a grilled cheese sandwich are cheese of one’s preferred choice and bread of one’s preferred choice.


Wrong, the two most fundamental ingredients of a grilled cheese sandwich are a grill of one’s preferred choice and cheeses of one’s preferred choice—bread is unnecessary. A proper grilled cheese sandwich is just a piece of grilled cheese in between two ungrilled pieces of cheese

Bathtubs are just reverse boats.


False. If this were true, anything that can hold water is also a reverse boat.

Love is overrated and only true in fairy tales.


My love for Link is as real as Link is himself in my heart of hearts. His existence keeps me going day after day this one sided relationship of ours is proof that love isn’t overrated.

I have a functioning heart.


Sure, if you define “functioning” as slowly deteriorating until you die.

Pewdiepie deserves to be on top.