The "You are wrong" Game


Wrong, Pewdiepie deserves to own youtube itself

Youtube is run by liberal crybabies


Youtube is a social experiment run by subterranean people to investigate humanity and how it behaves in certain situations so they can easily take over the surface world.

Anarchy is beneficial for society as nothing will be illegal, causing crime to drop to zero.


Wrong, anarchy causes moral crimes, which are illegal to everyone.

Team 100 is called the Wildhats for a reason. (Good luck proving that wrong)


I do not need luck to prove it wrong, just reason :wink:

Chickens are birds.


Actually birds are chickens

There will be a water game in the near future


Actually, due to global warming, by the time next year’s game announcement rolls around, all water on the world will have dried up, so we will have to make synthetic water for survival.

I live in Massachusetts.


No you live in the United States.

I was late to robotics tonight.


In some times zones you were early

VEX 775s exist


Not if you use binary.
I can edit Chief Delphi posts unlike Twitter posts.


No its not twitter posts its Tweets.

I got 10,250 on the dino game.


Numbers are an illusion

Trees are made out of Tree


Trees are made of plant slabs.

I just posted a new topic.


Who says your evil twin didn’t do it?

The sandwich contest is the best thread


All threads are created equal.

I am waiting on the test board.


You are not on top of the test board

Cow rhymes with Bow


I just shot a cow with my bow and arrow.

My bad luck is because of the black cat I passed this morning.


Luck don’t exist.

I have not looked at my thread yet


Who says that its your thread

Water is water


What is liquid, liquid is not water

Capitalism is not Communism


Unless the Soviets actually made Communism from Capitalism, which would make Communism Capitalism

Water is wet.