The "You are wrong" Game


Unless it is frozen or boiled

You are alive


The definition of alive is “alert and active; animated” I am presently neither of these things, so I am not alive.

The Earth is not flat.


If the Earth is not flat, how is Kansas, which is part of Earth, flatter than a pancake (as measured by scientists with nothing better to do with their time)?

This statement is false.


Maybe the statement is true, which means it is wrong.

Knowledge is truth.


Knowledge can be misinformed knowledge. What you learn is not always true. It could be a rumor or mistaken knowledge. Therefore, knowledge is not always truth.

College is hard to payoff


College is not hard to pay off, you are just spending to much. Additionally you don’t have pay off college if you never go into debt.

CNC has no vowels in it.


CNC or “Computer numerical control” has 9 vowels, not none.

I am almost dead from lifetime fitness today


According to google, the second definition of dead is “complete; absolute”. The only absolute unit of a person that will ever exist is Luc Wilson, meaning you can not be absolute as a result of lifetime fitness.

EA is definitely not after our money and making us pay for loot boxes in attempts to get useless in-game customization.


They have pay to play content, sometimes pay to win

Humans have been alive for more than 5 years


According to the theory of Last Thursdayism, the world was actually created last Thursday and the human race has only been alive for a week.

Children are great for cleaning out giant industrial machinery as there hands are smaller that adults and can fit in tighter spaces.


Your use of the word “there” suggests that the industrial setting has smaller hands, which unless your personifying is most likely not the intended meaning. Therefore, the meaning of that statement shall remain a mystery and is rendered “wrong”.

I just proved the person before me wrong by pointing out a typo of his.


Technically their statement is correct regardless of if their grammar is incorrect, as the intent behind the message remains the same, and you can still infer what they meant regardless.

A water game is just a warm snow game.


Being warm is a subjective term, the definition of warm is of a comfortably high temperature. Something more used to a colder temperature might consider snow to already be warm, or something may consider all water as not warm.

Borderlands is a first person shooter game series that takes place on a planet called Pandora, its moon, or a space station.


The definition claims that



plural noun: borderlands

  1. the district near a border.

It is NOT an FPS game!

Esta oración es en español



Can you prove that that is Spanish? I don’t speak it fluently so I say you’re wrong!

The range of the trig function tangent is negative infinity to positive infinity


While we believe that the tangent function will increase to infinity and decrease to negative infinity, we have no way of definitely knowing the the function doesn’t spiral out of control at very large values - beyond anything humans can comprehend.

Pizza places are terrible at making salads.


That’s false. You may not have found a good one yet.

3 * 3 = 9


I don’t see how two 3s and a star make a 9.

The Vatican is the lowest populated country in the world.


The Principality of Sealand has only 27 residents, compared to the 800 residents of The Vatican.

a^2 + b^2 = c^2


Just so you know, the vatican has only one resident