The "You are wrong" Game


No, I looked it up on google says 800


People work and walk through the Vatican, but there is only one person who lives as a citizen in the Vatican. The Pope.


According to Wikipedia, out of the 800 residents of Vatican City, over 450 people have citizenship.

The best answer to any “x or y” question is “yes”.


Not if one of the choices is “yes,” then things get complicated.

Nothing is stationary in the time dimension.



If I have two cats and I pet one of them, the other requires petting as well.

Cats and ChiefDelphi?

We cannot comment absolutely on hypothetical scenarios. The ultimate decision would be determined by the CATS at your event, with the final call made by the Head CAT.

CARGO is round-ish.

Cats and ChiefDelphi?

Something round is approximately circular, cylindrical, or spherical. If it is round-ish, that makes it an approximately approximate circle, cylinder, or sphere. If it is not quite round, it would be a rounded rectangle and if it is not quite a rounded rectangle it would be a rectangle. And CARGO is not a rectangle.

FIRST sends out poorly written, distasteful fundraising emails.


Based on the theory of Schrodinger’s Cat, as I have not seen these fundraising emails, there is no way of me knowing whether they are distasteful or not, and since you gave a definite answer to a question I see as not having a definite answer, that in turn makes you false.

A metal wand in Harry Potter would be much superior than a wooden want because no one could break your wand in two to prevent you from casting magic.


false, because it would make it way easier to hit you with a lightning bolt/spell. Carbon fiber on the other hand…

You won’t know my team number until after you read this sentence (if at all).


If I don’t look at your profile, regardless of if I read the statement or not, i will not gain the knowledge of your team number.

I am currently accessing the internet instead of getting ready for school meaning I will have to rush to the bus.


Accessing the internet instead of getting ready for school is the wrong action.

Distracted driving is dangerous.


Not if you are in the future using an automated car. Also, who doesn’t/hasn’t daydreamed once while cruising the highway?

Chief Delphi is one of my pinned tabs in Chrome.


Chief Delphi is an internet forum. Not a tab.

Water boils at 100 degrees Celcius at sea level.


Yes, but it also boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level :wink:

I like trains.


Wrong, ive never heard you talk about trains once, and we’re on the same team…

This game is called the “You are wrong” game.


Wrong, it’s called the “The “You are wrong” Game”

This is a complete sentence.


The word “This” isn’t a complete sentence.

Gravity exists even in the voids of space.


wrong, void refers to a place completely empty or with no matter. And with no matter for other matter to be attracted to, there cannot be gravity.

It’s 2019 and you can be whatever you want to be, therefor I identify as an AH-64 Longbow


Just because it’s 2019 doesn’t mean you can be whoever who want to be: just because I want to be someone on a successful team doesn’t mean I am.

The following sentence has a misplaced modifier:
I once knew a person with a wooden leg named Gregory.


In the previous sentence, the person you know named his wooden leg “Gregory”, so the sentence has no misplaced modifier.

When I should have been working on the CAD model of our robot, I instead hammered flat a piece of aluminum and made a tiny axe.