The "You are wrong" Game


While you were building, I told you to “stay in your lane”. You responded saying that was your lane, indicating that your true occupation is hitting stuff with hammers and not doing cool 3D stuff on computers.

This statement is false.


No, this statement is wrong.

I am a freshman.


Wrong, given that you’re a high schooler in FIRST Robotics, I highly doubt that you are “fresh” or that you’re a “man”. Therefore, you cannot be a “freshman”.

I am a senior.


Wrong, you are not a senior of FRC.

Our robot is somehow ahead of schedule.


You only think you’re ahead of schedule because you’re iterations are going faster than normal. However, you always need to improve and iterate so there is no such thing as “going faster” when speed and time are not connected.

You should always keep changing your robot.


My robot hasn’t soiled the diaper lately.

Today is opposite day, so the next poster has the option of proving this statement correct.


Wrong, under the rules of the thread, the most I can do is conjecture the above post to be correct, in which case I could perhaps secondarily prove it correct, before dismissing the conjecture and going back to proving everything in existence wrong.

If this thread were kept active for infinite time (ie. beyond the end of the universe), It would eventually accumulate an infinite number of posts.


Wrong. Assuming the rate of posting remains finite, there is no time “eventually” at which there will be an infinite number of posts.

According to today’s xkcd, Black Hat Man is running for president.


Wrong. According to the last xkcd, Black Hat Man could be running for any other national position elected in 2020, like Vice President.

There are only 2 biological human genders.


There is no such thing as biological gender. There is gender (which is believed by many to be a spectrum, or at least have more than two options) and biological sex (which is not the same thing as gender).

FIRST (The United States Foundation for the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a recognized 501( c )( 3 ) non-profit organization in the United States.


…by The United States of American Government / IRS.

Live long and prosper.


Wrong, I am not prospering right now. Waiting for CAD to load on a Macbook Air is painful.

I will Plasti-Dip my motherboard.


I highly doubt that you will “Plasti-Dip” your mother’s wooden board from the backyard.

A Modest Proposal is about eating babies to solve world hunger.


You are wrong for saying something so obviously true no one can disagree with.
I am going to a meeting right now so I am hurrying this post.


You weren’t in that much of a hurry considering you edited the message just to add a period.

Dihydrogen monoxide pollutes almost 75% of the planet’s surface, not even considering the effects of it being airborne.


Dihydrogen monoxide covers more than 75% of Earth’s surface: it is also present in the soil of the earth on land.

While the monster’s name is not Frankenstein, Victor is the monster.


Biology and ethics are two separate fields and do not always relate to one another so he cannot be considered a monster because there are no definitions of what makes someone a monster.

Thanos is actually the good guy.


It depends on your view of what Thanos did and what you view as good or bad. Along with that, his actions could be considered a mixture of good and evil as he had good intentions that turned evil.

Human beings need oxygen to live.


Human beings can live without oxygen, just not for very long.

I have a Chief Delphi account.


To “have” something means to be in possession of it. You do not have total possession of your Chief Delphi account. Their servers just give you access to it through a username and password.

Mathematics is the language of the universe.