The "You are wrong" Game


Try teaching new math to an alien.

Money is a tool.


Money is more than just a tool, money is power. With money, the possibilities in life open up.

Amiibos were a great creation by Nintendo to allow fans to have collectable figures that also had functionality in games.


Wrong, amiibos were just tools for nintendo to take more of your money and they have less functionality in games than a skylander. Also, skylanders are really cheap and amiibos for smash ultimate soared in price and rose in MSRP.

The Nintendo Switch is, so far, a successful console.


Wrong, the Nintendo Switch is a play for your money and only appears successful because people don’t want to brag about how they wasted money on a device that is terrible - hence, they lie and indicate that it was worth every penny.

Java’s Multithreading platform includes locking mechanisms that can be accessed using the key word “synchronized” to prevent issues between threads.


Now to refute myself: Java, the software platform, does not include a locking mechanism defined as something used to “fasten or secure (something) with a lock”. The java threads are not “fastened” to anything and, therefore, the post is wrong.

Our high school building caught on fire today so we got to go to robotics early.


Wrong, the high school is not on fire, Fire is just an idea of the brain that thinks it is heat but in reality it is not, it is only a small sun that doesn’t like to be touched therefore the school has it’s own sun

Standard drivetrains are the best drivetrains because they are simple to make


Wrong, simple drivetrains can be very complicated when you need to take them off and on and off and on and off and on … Just ask our drive train expert.

The earth is round and we should kill anyone that says something else.


The earth isn’t round, as it isn’t a sphere.

Pineapple belongs on pizza.


Wrong. You’re just wrong. It corrupts the pizza and makes it awful.

Double cheese pizza is the best pizza.


Wrong. You’re just wrong. It corrupts the pizza and makes it awful.

PIzza is already great on its own, why change it?


Nah innovation and change is what creates the things like pizza, it fills a role but can be changed to be more.

There are no additional rules specific to the 2019 game manual that are designed to discourage a team from preventing the sandstorm from occurring.


Wrong. G15, as clarified in the blue box beneath it, and including the violation consequences does this:

contact that prevents the SANDSTORM from working properly (e.g. retracting at T-minus 135s) is considered damaging and a violation of G15.

A majority of FRC robots across the last two decades have included skid steer drive trains.


Well, I’ve never heard of a train which is ‘skid steer drive’, and I’m positive no robot has included a train whatsoever.

∞ is infinitely small, and infinitely large simultaneously


Infinity contains infinitely large and infinitely small numbers but infinity is not those numbers. It encompasses those values but is not defined by those values

Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States of America


There were 42 individuals who were president before him, so he couldn’t have been 44th.

The person who responds next is brilliant, witty, and attractive.


Who says I’m a person? I could be a robot or a dog for all you know.

This thread is titled: The “You are wrong” Game


Wrong. Now it’s a Topic.

It is more difficult to think up things difficult to prove wrong than it is to prove things wrong.


You are correct that this thread has a title. However, the colon does not allow the following phrase to become the predicate of the verb. Therefore your ‘sentence’ is really just nonsense.

Gracious Professionalism should be practiced in all interactions between people.

Gah! Sniped again.


Wrong, While it is incredibly easy to point out tiny flaws or mistakes in a conjecture, actually proving them wrong is much more difficult than finding a fact which cannot be truly disproven.

Gracious Professionalism should be practiced in all interactions between people.


Gracious Professionalism should not be used in the after-life

I am the vice-president of programming