The "You are wrong" Game


Vice president is not hyphenated using proper grammar.

“Take a look around you tell me if you see. A girl who thinks she’s ordinary lookin’ she has got the key.” CS&N


Punctuation should always come after the parenthetical citation in a quote.

White Lithium Grease tastes better than mayonnaise.


Wrong, red lithium grease is the only thing that can beat mayonnaise.

Cherry MX Blue switches are better than Cherry MX Brown.


“Cherry MX Brown” isn’t a product, especially not one comparable to “Cherry MX Blue switches”

The direction ‘Up’ is the direction away from the center of Gravity of the largest gravitational influence on an object


Wrong, the film ‘Up’ was under the direction of Bob Peterson and Pete Docter.

Today we are officially at the 4th week of build season (and our robot is now officially overdue given our original schedule).


Wrong, the first FIRST competition was on Feb 14, 1992, thus, we are in at least week 1407 of season. False, the robot is officially due on February 19, 2019, you have at least two more weeks to complete your robot.

This is 330’s last season of competition and 1717 retired after the 2015 season.


How do you know it’s the last season for 330? They could return in the future!
I slept for less than 5 hours last night


While you may think that you slept for 5 hours, you were most likely approximately 50% sleeping during the rest of the day which would increase your total sleeping time to 5 + 19*0.5 = 14.5 hours. Therefore, you slept for 14.5 hours and have no right to complain.

Transistors were involved in the transmission of the message.


“The message” generally refers to the word of a deity, and unless you think we live in a simulation, communicating that message doesn’t involve transistors.

The next message will prove this statement is false.


No, this message does not prove the previous statement false.
By not proving the previous (2) message false, the previous message proves the previous (2) message true.
So the previous message is wrong.

Plotting y+iz = e^(ix) on a cartesian coordinate system will generate a helix.


Wrong, it will generate a helix shaped 3D graph, but it will not generate a physical manifestation of that helix.

the earth is the third planet from the Sun.


Not if you go from the outside in! :wink:

You have at least one bone in your body.


not if your boneless

robotics is the best thing ever



You used the wrong form of ‘You’re/Your’ and therefore anything after that is wrong.

The momentum of an object can be found by taking the item’s mass and multiplying it by it’s velocity relative to Earth.



You used the wrong form of ‘its’/‘it’s’ and therefore the entire sentence is wrong.

PV = nRT


Not for liquids.

One is the loneliest number.


Wrong there are more ones than twos in a given value. Therefore one has more of its kind than two would.

I used correct grammar in this post.


Wrong: you should’ve included a colon following the “Wrong”. Furthermore, you should’ve included a comma after the “therefore”.

Our robot will electrically drive iff it has motors on it.


Wrong, “our” robot will have an internal combustion engine.

Alaska is the US’s northern most, Western most, and Eastern most state.


Wrong, some parts near Canada are states in the United States but they’ve been a closely guarded secret by the conspiracy in the white house. Therefore, the northernmost state would be said classified territory.

I didn’t make that up^