The "You are wrong" Game


Wrong, I see no proof therefore it’s made up.



Worst emoticon ever.

Somewhere in Scotland, there exists at least one sheep, at least one side of which is black.


There are no purely “black” sheep, but they actual name for a black sheep is a blue sheep.

I am part of the Italian Mafia.


Wrong, your part of the wild west mafia in forum mafia.

My teams number is 2412


It’s not two thousand four hundred and twelve, its twenty four twelve.

I have a small botbug on my saftey glasses


Wrong, it may not be a botbug because you can’t see it due to it being blurry in your vision.

I am typing on the superior keyboard, the IBM Model M. Huzzah!


Wrong, Corsair started making keyboards.

CAD is better than hand drawings.


Not to certain artist’s views.

Buckling springs over all other key switches,


Wrong, Cherry offers more flexibility.

You can’t see the air we breathe.


Wrong, not unless it’s cold outside!



unless one of the variables actually mean something you don’t know.

My keyboard is very loud and makes the librarians hate me.


Have you seen keyboard in libraries! They clack like crazy.

My programming skills are subpar.


No, they are actually below the rank of subpar. (sorry, no offense meant, but i had to do it)



No Macbooks need to eat cereal

Crap is a home school bad word.


No, it means poop and for some reason is a universal swear word in English.

IBM should’ve kept on producing the Model M, and it should live forever in museums and hands of avid typers.


You know how awful that thing looks?

RGB computer cases are such a waste of cash.


RGB computer cases still house PC parts like non-RGB ones, so they (to some people) are not a waste of cash.

I still love my Model M.


I don’t know why you’re wrong but you’re wrong

An FRC water game would be the best


Think of the electronics! The torture of waterproofing your robot!

My CAD skills are… interesting.


Judging by your tone, your CAD skills sound bad which is of absolute no interest to me. If your CAD skills are good, that is also of no interest to me as you are not unique.

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