The "You are wrong" Game


Not if it’s their own post!

This is my first post in this thread.


You cannot fit a post on a thread, so therefore you could not have created a post on this thread in the first place.



The only way “Book” by itself can be a sentence is as an imperative, which is not “a (supposedly) undeniable statement”. Wrong.

At one atmosphere of pressure, water transitions phase between solid and liquid at approximately 273.15 Kelvins.


One Earth atmosphere perhaps, but not a Jupiter atmosphere.

I live on planet Earth.


For all we know, you could be an alien impersonating a human under the alias Bryce Simmons. By that logic, you don’t really live on planet Earth and probably live on another planet, perhaps Mars or even one that is 2491.83 light years away, such as Kepler 1638B.

The element with the smallest atom is Helium.


wrong, we’re going by mass, so hydrogen is the smallest.

Refute and disprove are synonyms


refute; v; deny or contradict (a statement or accusation).
disprove; v prove that (something) is false.
They are not the same

Turning up the volume is like zooming but with sound.


When one zooms in, they are moving a physical lens closer to an object . When one increases the volume, they increase vibration of a coil within a speaker.

I researched my answer to the previous question on Quora and I have the Chrome history to prove it.


You do not have the Chrome history, your computer( phone, tablet etc.) has the history to prove it.

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear.


no its Hunger

h20 in its liquid state is called water or dihydrogen monoxide.


O≠0. H2O is two hydrogen and one oxygen. Hence, dihydrogen monoxide, or water. H20 on the other hand would be 20 hydrogen.

The 2019 FRC game, DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE is Presented by The Boeing Company.


It’s presented by Nasa

This is the You Are Wrong Game


No this is “The “You are wrong” Game”

I am listening to imagine dragons


No, you’re listening to a recording of Imagine Dragons.

I can mention myself in a post by typing @bsimmons.


No, you are mentioning your username, not your actual name or person.

I found my pencil!


It is right of Dean Kamen to be proud and excited about founding FIRST. It is wrong for you to be so proud and excited about founding a pencil.

The greatest fallacy about climate change is that it is something new.


Wrong: climate change was invented by the Chinese in an effort to do absolutely nothing, that is the only possible explanation. Therefore, it cannot be new if it doesn’t exist.

Builders suck.


I just had some builders put a new roof on my house and it is awesome! No more leaks! Builders do not suck.

Hawaii does not have Daylight Savings Time.


Actually, Haiwee (Formally Hawaii) is in California, which does observe Daylight Savings Time.



Only if those variables don’t stand for things you don’t know.

I live in Hawaii, and we do not all know how to surf.