The "You are wrong" Game


But you don’t live in Hawaii you live on Hawaii

Pineapples have bromeline and start to digest you.


Double wrong! Bromeline is not a word. Bromelain helps you to digest - it doesn’t digest you.

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet.


No, there are 18 letters in “the English alphabet.”

I have no idea how our robot is going.


the robot will go by motors

Lightning comes before thunder


Wrong, lightning comes at the same time as thunder if you are right at the spot that both were created. (the only reason it appears that lightning comes first is that light travels faster than sound and if you are far away it will feel like it cam first.

This is the 2,205th post in this topic


Wrong, there are probably more posts that just got deleted at some point.

Destination: Deep Space is not a water game


Wrong, There is water on Planet Primus

Last year, Power Up was not a water game.


Wrong, part of playing the game was having a healthy drive team, which requires them to ingest fluids.

Swervecanum is an unnecessarily complex drivetrain


Wrong. Mounting mecanum wheels on a swerve drive is not unnecessary, it’s actually counterproductive.

Several teams and other groups have released videos showing a robot reaching L2 of the team version of the HAB PLATFORM using no mechanical systems other than the chassis and drive train.


Wrong, they have reached Level 2 not L2. In the game manual it is only referred to as Level 1,2, or 3 and never L1, 2, or 3.

2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 that’s 3 quick maths.


2 + 2 is not the same as 4 - 1. That is 2 maths that may or may not be quick.

First will continue to tease water games in game reveals and not give us one.


The word “First” with only F capitalized should be followed by a comma (i.e. “First, I will do this”) and the sentence is missing a subject. Therefore, the incorrect grammar renders the statement incorrect as it cannot be understood.

This sentence is grammatically correct.


While your analysis is correct, he was using first as a name for the company FIRST. Although the entire word should be capitalized, his grammar was correct, making you wrong.

This is not the first post in this thread.


If all other posts are deleted then the post will be first.

The banning of the circle game has produced the most/best memes on the FRC reddit.
(please show me what is better if i’m wrong)


Wrong, worst and best is a opinion and not a matter of fact.

This post was in reply to @robert3827


No it was a response Mr. President Robert

I am his vice-president


No you are jackTHEnerd

you can’t finesse the do not finesse box


Don’t tell me what I can’t do, especially if you don’t bother to capitalize or punctuate.

Analytic solutions to Math Quiz 9 involved solving a box integral.


No. They involved Google.

Pick lists should be based on who has the best bumpers.


Pick lists should be based on who is most likely to help you win this event.

I can’t speak authoritatively for @Aren_Siekmeier, but MY analytic solutions did not involve Google.

6AWG is the minimum wire size allowed for the battery - 120A breaker - PDP circuit again this year.