The "You are wrong" Game


If we’re looking at the number, 6AWG is actually the maximum.

Anything that moves sideways is NOT a waste of time.


Time is just a social construct; it is not a physical item that you can waste. Therefore, you cannot not waste it.

“Your name” is spelled using the letters: “y”, “o”, “u”, “r”, “n”, “a”, “m”, and “e”.


wrong your name also includes a space between the r and n making not just the letters yourname.

I am on team 1736.


Wrong, Not in a different language.

No one has successfully avoided being proven wrong in this topic yet.


Wrong, you just successfully avoided being proven wrong for a whole 7 hours.

A team’s robot must be bagged and tagged on stop build this year.


Wrong a team could bag their robot any amount of time earlier within build season.

Climbing to level three worth more points than climbing to level two in FIRST Destination Deep Space.


Actually two robots climbing to level two is equal amount of points as one climbing to level three searches for greatness


Wrong people search for greatness on the website does no searching.

I spend too much time playing games on Chief Delphi.


But what if great people search for wrong people on Think about it.


No you spend to little on chief delphi

Aden doesn’t know who Steph Curry


As the capital city of Yemen, Aden and its population of over 1.7 million is quite likely to have somebody familiar with the basketball player.

The Mafia game just had its first mafia member voted out.


Actually, as a game first created in 1986, there have been many Mafia voted out.

Recycle Rush was a contentious game.


Actually this online game Recycle Rush is hardly contentious

If you are reading this you have heard of FIRST Robotics


Not after I showed your post to a complete stranger

School is not a place for smart people


But robotics is mostly smart people (Except that one guy who dropped a wrench across two battery leads) and robotics is at school.

I was the Mafia Tracker in this thread: FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread


wrong this thread is not the FRC Mafia 3 Game Thread

another mafia bit the dust in that thread


I am sure that he/she did not bite dust, as that is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to put dust in between your teeth and bite it.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl this year


Wrong. The refs won. The refs always win.

There is a stop build day this year.


Not if you don’t play by the rules.

We are less than a week out from stop build day (for us law-abiding teams).


When you posted there was still more than one week because you posted before midnight EST.

For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction according to physics laws.