The "You are wrong" Game


Wrong it has been around for many years, months, days, minutes, seconds etc.

Our robot fits in the 120 in frame perimeter requirement.


Wrong, there is no proof or measurements we can see yet, so it is false.

This is the 2342nd post on this exact thread on this exact Internet address.


wrong because you didn’t specify the address

robotics is fun (good luck proving that wrong on this site lol)


Robotics is not fun when your robot is broken, but other than that it is fun :smile:

I live in Illinois


Pshh that’s incorrect you live in the United States. :wink: :us:

There is more than one word in this sentence.


You only used “word” once in the sentence.

There will be FRC championships in Detroit and Houston.


Wrong you didn’t specify the number.

47 in base 42 is 15.


If you convert 47 (in base 16) into base 42 you get 1T

You can’t look directly at the sun


You can as long as you use solar goggles.

School teaches you various subjects.


WRONG one teacher teaches you one subject but in a entire day you do various things

Dean Kamen Founded FIRST robotics


Dean Kamen Founded FIRST Robotics (capitalized)

FIRST is the greatest thing since sliced bread


But sliced bread is boring and FIRST is not boring so using sliced bread as something great is invalid

My name of chief delphi is Thequackmaster


ChiefDelphi is not named Thequackmaster, so you are wrong!

As smartphones are specialized computers, you are on a computer.


what if I am on a PS4?

Today is my birthday


1st of all, Happy Birthday!

2nd of all, You are wrong, Today is jackTHEnerd’s birthday, not whomever is named my.

Someone will deny this post, tell me I am wrong, or overlook it and skip it.


Incorrect, I will not tell you that you are wrong, or overlook, skip or otherwise ignore it

This isn’t wrong.


Of course it’s wrong you silly goose.

I am living.


How do I know you didn’t die in the 3 hours since you made that post?

Guns don’t kill People, People kill Guns


Guns are inanimate objects, so they can´t die.

You have now read this sentence.


Wrong, I just skimmed it.
Start Paradoxes.
This sentence is wrong.