The "You are wrong" Game


Well if you are saying it is wrong it must be right so FALSE

I am a human


If it looks like a duck… and swims like a duck… and talks like a duck… then you must be a duck, not a human. :duck:

Physical books contain paper.


Kindles are physical, and you can read them like a book, while containing no paper.

Team 254 will win the FRC Competition this year


Not if our team has anything to say about that! :wink:

Non-physical books do not contain paper. :open_book:


My Computer has paper in it and it can read books.

254 has not posted a reveal video for 2019 yet so I don’t know what the perfect robot looks like.


false there is no such thing as the perfect robot

(parodox time)

you will continue to post on this fourm


This isn’t a “fourm”

Barack Obama is on Jupiter right now


No, he is on Neptune

Pluto is not a Planet


It is in 2005

I forgot to add this part so I edited it in


You didn’t edit it because you forget, you edited it because you remembered

10 is 16 in base 5.4


Not if your original 10 wasn’t calculated in base 10,

Stop build day has passed. Competitions ahead!


In 2 years they will bring back stop build to torture Marshall so stop build day hasn’t actually passed.

Fortnite despacito is the objectively greatest song ever.


I do not agree, so that is false.

Robots are bagged.


No, they are bagged and tagged.

There was a water leak this year at the reveal, proving that next year will be pizza related.


Instead of being pizza related, the water leak could have come from FLL’s Hydro Dynamics theme “spilling in”.

I should go to sleep, it’s midnight on a school day


Wrong, it’s 4:30PM.

We finished our bot.


Bots are never finished!

There is no source of super-heavy-duty, 1.125" OD, 3/8" hex bore flanged bearings in small quantities.


Wrong, you can buy super-heavy-duty 1.125" OD, 3/8" hex bore flanged bearings (and any other needed parts) individually at, your number one stop for all your robotics needs!

The mitochondria, sometimes named the powerhouses of the cell, produces ATP


Not unless you have mitochondrial syndrome, which is a cell malfunction.

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My team will attend the NC Guilford Country FRC District Competition