The "You are wrong" Game


Not if your ride breaks down

Our robot is bagged with a broken grabber


It’s not a grabber if it is broken.

Robots are hard.


Not if they are made of soft tubing.

The person/animal/robot/AI who responds to this message/post/text/script will have to use any amount of text, letters, symbols, emojis, video, photo, image, or audio to respond/reply/review/speak back/refute.


I identify as an Apache helicopter, so I’m not a person, animal, robot, or AI.

Gracious professionalism is at the top of Woodie’s upside down triangle stack thingy


Incorrect, one could say it’s the bottom of the upside down triangle

The composition of Earth’s atmosphere is composed of 78% Nitrogen. 21% Oxygen, and 1% assorted other gases, like Argon and Helium


The atmosphere is filled with air

I am cooking lunch


Wrong, you cannot “cook” lunch, you can only cook the food that is part of your lunch.

Team 118’s Robot Reveal Video was uploaded by “Justin Ridley”


Wrong, it was uploaded by “Justin_Ridley”

The Robonauts’ 2019 robot is called “Flyby”


Not if I call it something else!

Robot batteries have masses of at least 1 milligram each.


Wrong, I lik cutting my robot batteries in half 10000 times, making them weigh less than 1 milligram.

You can’t trust atoms, they make up everything.


WRONG, That is a joke, not a statement.

You are a thing.


Wrong, I am Thing 1.

Team 100’s team colors are black and orange.


Wrong you do not own the colors black and orange.

Team 1736 wears red chef hats at regional events and worlds when we attend.


Wrong team 1736 “Robot Casserole” wear red chef hats at regional events and worlds when we attend

@robert3827 was at my birthday party tonight


Wrong he couldn’t have been at your birthday party because of daylight savings time and the addition of a day every 4 years, the concept of a “day” is horrendously inaccurate when it comes to a true accounting of the actual passage of time.

quantum entanglement allows for instantaneous communication.


Wrong; the Sun isn’t hot compared to the Big Bang.

I was once a child.


Wrong; instantaneous changes in entangled particle, certainly, but not instantaneous communication because you do not account for the time measuring equipment takes to find and parse particle information.

I have once played against a then-titled NM.


Wrong; Candide is actually quite sad and witty (you didn’t state that it was your opinion).

The boolean true evaluates to true in at least one language.


Your statement evaluates to wrong in at least one language.

Inspiration is the reason we’re here.


No I am here for the doughnuts

I am a part of the chairmen’s presentation