The "You are wrong" Game


Wrong you’re part of FIRST

Life is just people waiting in line for the inevitable darkness that consumes them


Nah, Life is a cereal brand.

Working analog clocks move.


Not if there intended design was to stay still

Water is important for all life


Wrong not in FIRST Robotics

Deep Space is really just Stronghold


Where are the bits that you have to go over and under?
Gearboxes are necessary for all motor applications in FIRST


Not for the greatest drivetrain of all time

A CIM motor can be mounted with #10-32 bolts on a 2" bolt circle.


That assumes that you know how to bolt something.

Chickens are birds.


No, they’re animals.

I sometimes read read as read, when it should be read as read.


Incorrect, your brain sees a string of four symbols and gives them a sound, “reed” or “red”, then your vocal chords make either sound

Spanish is a romance language derived from Latin


Incorrect, French is the widely accepted language of love. Spanish is just angry Italian

Ganondorf will never go to the internet for help, as there are too many links.


Ganondorf cannot go to the internet, for he has access to no computers

There is life on the Earth’s surface


What if nothing is alive and we all live in a simulation and are actually on a different planet

I am in highschool currently


Not if:


The Matrix follows the above plot.


But the matrix is not real as far as we know

Frc team 254 the cheesy poofs are sponsored by nasa


While it appears that last year team 254 was sponsored by NASA and was undefeated in official gameplay, you have no way of knowing that NASA didn’t abandon them in favor of 118 and their popular release video this year.

FRC team 254 was undefeated in official gameplay during FIRST Power UP.


Wrong, they were undefeated at every event they attended

Luke I am your father


Wrong, Darth Vader is Luke’s father.

The 1992 FRC game was Maize Craze.


They couldn’t have had a game in 1992; Singaporean Fast Response Cars have only been around since 2000.

Iron is a metal.


Iron is a mineral in the body not always a metal.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born January 15, 1929


Only if you are in america if he was born is new zealand it would be different

I am alive