The "You are wrong" Game


Not unless:

We live in the past, but only slightly as light, sound, take definite speeds and the sensations of taste, smell and touch take time to travel through nerves.


Not unless:

Therefore we do not LIVE in the past we live in a simulation

Joey Logano won the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship


wrong the team Penske 22 team won the championship, Joey Lagano was just the driver

Jimmie Johnson has won seven Nascar Championships


No Jimmie Johnson has won two NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Championships and five NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championships.

Ryan Blaney, Brad Kaeslowski, and Joey Logano all drive for Team Penske in the NASCAR Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series! (I think you can tell who my favorite drivers are at this point and it seems to me u are a Jimmie Johnson fan lol)


Wrong they have driven in other races than just NASCAR series, they need to practice somewhere and start somewhere

Someone here is named Eric


Wrong, Someone here was named Eric by their parents

The femur is the largest bone in the human body


Not if it is broken

The 2019 build season is over


Build season never ends.

I will be at the Del Mar competition this weekend.


Not if your robot explodes

Dean Kamen founded FIRST


No, you know that really, deep down there, Woodie Flowers founded FIRST.

I ate a hotdog.


no, you ate a warm dog, a hot one would be too hot to eat

if a = b, then a = b.


Wrong if (a==b) { a=b;}
It is hard to win ‘The “You are Wrong” Game.’


Wrong, it is impossible with this group

Batman is a DC character


wrong Batman is Batman because he’s Batman

I am a NASCAR nerd


Wrong, you are a NASCAR fan who knows a lot about it. This does not mean you are a nerd. This is because Nerd on Merriam-Webster Dictionary is, “one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits”

Joey Logano has a Driver’s Licence.


What if it was suspended over the last 13 hours and we don’t know

Michigan looks like a mitten


Only from the air or a map, not from the ground

It is the year 2019


Not if you’re using non-Gregorian calendars

Homo sapiens are the only extant (still living) hominids on Earth


Not if we are all dead and this is just a dream

The CD website changed within the last year


wrong years, months and days are man made objects and are not relevant to the universe

Mario Kart is a game made by Nintendo