The "You are wrong" Game


No, nothing is nothing, not everything.

March has began.


That’s relative to your location, if you were on mars it would not be.

grass is green


color is perceptive

ghosts are not real.


ghosts dont feel that way

it is 8:44 pm


It’s 5:52 for me

This is a post.


No, it’s a post in The “You are wrong” Game thread.

I do CAD for Team 100 Wildhats.


No, you do CAD for The Wildhats

I do electrical for team 5943, The Bad News Gears


Wrong. Electrical is not something you “do”. It is a way of life.

At the time of this post, I am at the Del Mar regional.


Wrong: at the time of this post, I am actually not at the Del Mar regional.

At the time of this post, user MineEnim on Chief Delphi is not at the Del Mar Regional.


Your profile on Chief Delphi is located on a server probably not at the location of the Del Mar regional.

Getting fouls in Deep Space is not helpful to your alliance.


Hey, it gives you something to work on next competition. (After all, you never specified if the alliance had to be during your current competition.)

2-4 = -1*2


Wrong, the “*” symbol does not mean multiplication.



Wrong, x is a variable, not a multiplication symbol.

2 = (4*1)/2


Wrong, again the “*” doesn’t always mean multiplication

Two minus 4 equals negative one multiplied by 2


Wrong because your numbering conventions were inconsistent (you spelled out the numbers for ‘two’ and ‘one’ but used numbers for ‘4’ and ‘2’)

@EricKline is the team captain of team 2412.


Wrong, not if you read this in a year for now

@Squirrel2412 and I have posted to many consecutive times on this thread


Not compared to the red vs blue thread.

The ‘@’ symbol must be used to mention a user on Chief Delphi. (Bonus points if you @ me in your response)


Wrong, I can easily mention the great orangeandblack5 without useing the @ symbol but using @Squirrel2412 will ping them.
(I @'d you what do I win)

I @'ed someone I’m this post.


Hi this post I’m shelby

You’re and your mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably.


wrong, you’re is a contraction of you are whereas your is a matter of ownership.

grey and gray are the same thing and can be used interchangeably