The "You are wrong" Game


wrong, if you call 973 the graybots instead of the greybots you automatically lose your next regional.

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me.


Not if you’re the sharpest tool in the shed!

Shrek is the best movie in the history of movies and Smash Mouth is the best band :sunglasses:. lol


That is a matter of opinion, which I do not share.

There will be another post after this one.


False, there will be multiple posts after that one.

I’m drinking hot chocolate right now


Not anymore most likely

Team 33, the killer bees won the 2019 southfield district.


Wrong the alliance they were on won.

The profile picture of the user gellnick is a reference to Douglas Adam’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy.


Wrong the title of Adam’s book should be italicized.

My profile pic is still loading.


Wrong, it loaded while looking like it was still loading.

My profile picture has my team number in it


Wrong, You don’t personally own team 5943 The Bad News Gears

I am going to the Midwest Regional later this week.


Not unless your vehicle breaks down


Crap, um let me finish,

There are at least 1 billion people on planet Earth at the time of you reading this


Not if I’m reading this in 1716.

I might be a time traveler


Wrong, time is releative so you just walk through time faster and/or backwards.
I am a freshman.


Not in college!

I am not a freshman.


wrong, just so wrong i can’t even begin to describe your wrongness

I am a junior in high school


wrong, not in China.

Im in school right now


wrong, you have the day off

I have driven a car.


Wrong, you have driven a machine that uses either electricity or some sort of fuel to produce energy to turn wheels to make the machine move. The common term for this is automobile. Cars are Hot Rods.

In this particular post the letter e appears at least once.


but not capitalized

I’m skipping french today for college.


Wrong, you can not “skip” in french.

i am on my laptop right now