The "You are wrong" Game


That would break it so I hope you got a good warranty.

Midwest Regional is in week 2 of FRC competitions in 2019 so it has not yet occured.


Not in two days

I am on the Chapman’s sub team


Chapman doesn’t have a submarine team. (Whoever Chapman is. I think he invented a musical instrument.)

The English alphabet is comprised of 26 letters.


Incorrect. “The English Alphabet” only contains 18 letters in it.

If I don’t type in a statement down here, you can never prove me wrong.


Well too bad, you just did type a statement and therefore you are incorrect.

I am physically in the AP Biology classroom in the high school that I go to as I type this.


Wrong. AP Biology is a class and isn’t a physical thing. That class can also be used for normal Bio classes.

I am listening to music as I type this.


Wrong, you are merely interpreting waves.

There will be multiple replies which are posted after the time that this message is posted.


775 pro are motors


Wrong, I’m not sure theres anything for me to disprove. 775 is a number.

Rabbits have stabby feet


No rabbits have two feet

I have a phone


Not anymore :smiling_imp: :wink:

Tomatoes are squishyy


Not fake ones.

You can take screenshots on Android 7 Nougat OS.


Not if your phone won’t boot to begin with.

At least one robot this year will drive off of the HAB platform in the beginning of the match.


As said before, there are no robots in FRC

I am not sleeping as I type this message


That depends on your definition of sleep; according to Google, sleep can mean to “provide (a specified number of people) with beds, rooms, or places to stay the night,” and I consider people to be any living thing (because I am not speciist); therefore, you are “sleeping” as you typed that message because you are “providing” many milllions of bacteria “with places to stay the night” in your body.

I am wrong.


No, you “were” wrong! :wink:

pi is an irrational number.


pi32 is actually 81810, which is not an irrational number.

The above statement is, was, and always will be correct based on the definitions provided by radix mathematics at the point in time at which this was posted.


but not when I read it!

This is incorrect.


Yes; it is incorrect.



that doesn’t prove my statement wrong… because you are saying that i am incorrect which means that it is a correct statement which is a paradox…