The "You are wrong" Game


Now that is incorrect; my intention was not to prove your statement wrong, it was to simply agree with it (hence the “yes”), but your interpretation of it as incorrect served to make your statement incorrect. Or you could read it as a correction (instead of “This is incorrect,” I corrected the statement to “it is incorrect”).


You’re both wrong, because you broke the pattern. Moving on…

Mammals need oxygen to survive


I don’t need it when I’m holding my breath. I only need it to survive when I want it.

The hexadecimal number for Black is #000000


Not, It’s #000

The earth is round


Wrong, there is a slight bulge at the equator.

A proton has a charge of +1 and is made up of two up quarks and a down quark.


Last I checked, @quarky was not a subatomic particle.

Fish can swim.


A fish out of water can’t swim

This post will not get any hearts.


That was easy.

Wood floats on water.


Not unless you push it down underwater

Team 2337 is competing at the FiM St. Joseph event currently


Incorrect; 2337 is competing at the FIM District St. Joseph Event currently, not the FiM St. Joseph event.

There is at least 1 set of positive integers a, b, and c that satisfy the equation an + bn = cn (figure out the twist) for any integer value n.


Wrong, the proof for this being wrong is too large to scribble in the margins of a book.

I have typed the word “the” at least one, if not more, times.


Not in the last second.

Disproving something is more fun than coming up with something to disprove.


Wrong; the twist was that that wasn’t Fermat’s last theorem. It was Fermat’s last theorem with practically every restriction on n lifted, allowing far more solutions; for example, you could literally set n equal to 2 and plug in a Pythagorean triple in for a, b, and c. That’s my proof and it wasn’t Fermat’s last theorem. Lol.

Though I can be categorized as at least something else, I am me at the very least.


No you are not me, you are wrong

My mentor won Woody Flowers at the Midwest Regional


Wrong, your mentor won the Woodie Flowers award.

I have played Minecraft at some point in my lifetime.


Wrong you still playing Minecraft and will continue to do so because it is amazing.

Wood is very useful in Minecraft.


Wrong, Birch is the superior wood.

It is the same calendar date, save for the year, as the day i was born 15 years ago.


Wrong, the decade, if not the century, has also changed.

The three mobs that naturally spawn in the End in Minecraft are the Ender Dragon, endermen, and shulkers.


Not if you play the superior 1.8

Minecraft is a better battle royale than fortnite.


Mine craft is not a battle royal, your thinking of mine craft servers with mini games

The original marvel super hero movie starring a black man was Blade