The "You are wrong" Game


Incorrect the 1998 punisher movie was the first move that included a black man

Criss pratt played star lord in the guardians of the galaxy movie


no “chris” pratt played star lord in the guardians of the galaxy movies

Vin Diesel Voiced Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies


Wrong. Groot voiced Groot because he is Groot

Team C.O.R.E 2062 won the Chairman’s Award at the Midwest Regional in 2019.


You don’t win Chairman’s you are selected to not be eliminated

I learned things at my week 1 event


Wrong, you can’t learn things


an object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to.
“look at that metal rail thing over there”
synonyms: object, article, item, artifact, commodity;
an inanimate material object as distinct from a living sentient being.

Symbolism in poems is subjective


Wrong, my English teacher said there is only objective view of symbolism in poems

Team 4087 will be at the First Robotics Competition Championships in Houston, Texas


I claimed the Convention Center as my own and seceded it from Houston. The competition is now in Waluigi’s Playhouse, TX.

I either exist or am part of a computer simulation.


you are in a maze not a “computer simulation”

I am in team 5678


You are not inside of the team. You are participating in the Robotics competition with team 5678.

Gamers are the most oppressed minority.


Wrong, gamers are the majority

Woodie Flowers was born in Jena, Louisiana on January 1, 1943


Wrong, he was born in a hospital

Calculators calculate things


Wrong, they calculate numbers
Salt water is salty.


Depends on the percentage that is salt
I sleep sometimes


not when your awake

1 = 1


not if one is negative
I should wear safety glasses in the pit.


um… i don’t think arm pits require safety glasses

|1|=|1| @topace103 haha!


@TheFlash Not if you add a two to either the left or right side
The first step to winning a game is playing it.


Wrong, you can win a game without playing it if everyone playing loses.

I have English class second period.


No I have English 9th Period
Cars have wheels.


Not a car which has had its wheels stolen

We are entering week 3 of competitions.