The "You are wrong" Game


Wrong, competitions have been occurring for many millions of years, not just the past two weeks. There have been well over 100 weeks of official FIRST Robotics Competions.

Destination Deep Space presented by Boeing is the most heavily defensive FIRST Robotics Competition game since Aerial Assist.


Wrong, that depends on your definition of defense.

Team 100 used Solidworks to design their robot in 2019.


not fll team 100

first lego league uses legos to build robots


Wrong FLL teams use legos to build robots.

If I ask a question can I be proven wrong?


Yes, you are wrong

I am not at robotics tonight


Wrong, You are on Chief Delphi which is a robotics forum.

In the “You are wrong” Game the ‘w’ should be capitalized.


Wrong since the title of the forum it should be spelled with a lowercase w

You should check you dm on discord


Wrong, I don’t have Discord.

Minecraft is a CAD program marketed as a game.


Incorrect, Minecraft is a basic simulation of the simulation we are in RIGHT NOW.

Nothing beats the delicious taste of Diet Coke ™.


Ah, except for Diet Coke ® :wink:

Copyright and trademark symbols cannot be used interchangeably.


Not if you don’t know what they are.

In my opinion, Minecraft is Superior to Solidworks as a CAD program.


Opinion can change.

this is wrong


No, as the title of this game suggests you are wrong

Basic coke is better than coke zero, diet coke, etc.


Wrong; all Coca-Cola is acidic.

Arthur Phillip Dent never could get the hang of Thursdays.


Anyone can get the hang of anything if they try hard enough.

Cookies are unhealthy.


You can make healthy cookies with alternatives like granola, nuts, and craisins. I actually can make some bomb cookies on Boy Scout outings.

Vaccines reduce the risk of getting the disease they were made for.


The real value of vaccines is reducing the vectors of opportunity for a disease. Widely applied vaccines protect even those who don’t get the vaccine.

Adequate sleep and hydration improve competitive performance.


not if you already sleep and hydrate more than adequately

you must drink water to survive


Wrong; water and nutrients delivered through intravenous methods have kept people alive for years.

The 2019 Q&As have nerfed G8 almost into nonexistence.


Wrong, rule G8 still exists, therefore it is not almost nonexistent

The robot of team 254 is named Backlash