The "You are wrong" Game


Their robot from 2018 was not named Backlash.

I’ve never posted on this thread before.


Wrong, since you just posted that means that that action is in the past and therefor you have posted on this thread.

The Iowa regional is a week 4 event


Wrong, there is no Lowa Regional.

Les gens qui mangent les autres sont les anthropophages.


Wrong because I don’t know that language.

Team 100 is competing at the San Francisco Regional in 2019.


Wrong. Team 100 is competing at the San Francisco Regional in California.

Berkelium is the 97th element on the Periodic Table of Elements.


Not in 1948.

My team once bought $44 worth of french fries.


No the cost of the french fries your team bought is greater than their worth

Teachers assigning homework but not posting the link to the homework until the next day when you’re already at a robotics competition is stupid


Wrong, assigning homework in general is stupid.

Team 100 was picked by the 8th seed alliance at the San Francisco Regional


Wrong, You were picked by 3045 who got the 8th seed spot then picked team 100.

Team 107 is competing at the west michigan distract event in michigan this week.


Wrong, it is a district event.

I have slept in English class before.


Wrong, sleep is a social construct. You didn’t sleep, you entered a semi-comatose state of hallucination.

Technoblade never dies.


`Technoblade never existed.

you are wrong


Wrong, correct grammar and spelling require the phrase “you are wrong” to be “You are wrong.”
I know, I hate english too, but sometimes you have to follow it. I don’t pay attention anyways.

The FIRST Robotics Competition 2019 game is Destination: Deep Space.


Wrong. How could it be the first robotics competition if they’ve been happening since 1992 when The Undertaker threw Mank- Wait. Wrong website.

Memes have proliferated throughout all of civilized society.


Wrong. Society was civilized before memes (though barely)

Water is wet.


No water itself in not wet but surfaces it touches makes that surface wet.

Team 254, the cheese poofs ranked 3rd at the 2019 san francisco regional.


Wrong they are the cheesy poffs.

A proton is a subatomic particle with a +1 charge. It also has many more properties, most of which are not understood.


Mass is a property of protons, and is very easily understood.

@Thequackmaster is not the user who will reply to this post.


Wrong we our all @Thequackmaster as we our all one entity

I am a communist.


Wrong, you believe in the ideals of communism.

I am not a peanut as far as I know.