Theme for 2007 AVA?

Anybody have any idea what the topic or theme will be this year? I guess we’ll find out on the 6th.

Autodesk asked us to give suggestions at the end of the '06 season. I suggested they open it up to ANY subject related to science or technology. I think this would result in entries with a lot more variety & creativity.

We’re tying our animation into our team theme this year TRANCE (Technologically Revoloutinizing A New Complex Era).

i bet it’ll include fish, water, a big 5, dimond plate, and bananas…

who knows =P

lol :smiley:

just checked back in here good luck to all this year and im sure they will all turn out great !

i saw AVA and got excited for angels and airwaves…who are good, but +44 kicks so much more u know what

Well it is the 6th :ahh: In the manual it says to go to the autodesk website to see the theme, but I dont see it there, maybe they havent posted it? It seems like everything for this award is downgrading… (or shifting)

Yeah! My team is having difficulties finding the prompt as well. Where could it be? -_-

Yeah, my team is having the same problem :ahh:

Unfortunately it looks like Autodesk hasn’t published the new rules yet:

I hope they post them soon. The clock is ticking!

Unfortunately, they might be waiting until Monday to post that as well as the Inventorized KOP.

I hope they didnt forget about us. This is starting to get ridiculous

Still no info as far as I can tell… glad to see things haven’t changed much in the past few years lol

Bah, I gotta wait until like, a theme comes out within the next few days or else I’m basing this on any theme dealing with robotics. I really gotta start working. Hope they release a theme :slight_smile:

Totally in agreement with everyone. Can’t find the $@#$@#$@#$@# thing either.

Autodesk doesn’t seem to be paying much attention, do they.

I am not completely sure but unfortunately maybe their focus is shifting away from FIRST seeing as they took regional prizes away, and that they are a bit late in updating their website when the game has been released and students are already starting on their submissions.


I’ve been seeing this since the start of the removal of regional wawrds… actually, even before then I still had that idea due to the non-influence it had to the regionals I was a part of. It just didn’t seem to be a big part of the competition.

I have a bad feeling about this :(.

Really, please don’t get too worked up about this. We start our season the minute the broadcast ends and we turn to the people next to us with a sudden flow of ideas.

The rest of the world begins their work on Monday morning at the start of business hours.

Even if Autodesk doesn’t consider it as urgent as we do, and even if they’re wrong to do this, it’s not unreasonable to wait until Monday.

Don’t forget that Autodesk still doesn’t have to do ANYTHING for us if they don’t want to–they’ve already given us FIRSTbase, free copies of expensive software, and training materials–even if they’ve had some shortcomings this year, it’s not like they’re giving up on FIRST.

I’m not really getting worked up… I’m still going to do the animation just as continued… I’m just having bad feelings in the long run… and over here right now as I type, we’re getting worked up with the design of the robot. It happens, so worry if I act that way. Let’s have fun this year, and good luck! Can’t wait to see all of the animations this year. :slight_smile:

yeah, the AVA has never really come across as a major focus of FIRST… so I’m not really surprised that we don’t have a topic yet. Besides, they haven’t given us a deadline either as far as I know, so it really doesn’t matter how long they delay announcing the topic as long as they give us a reasonable time period to work on it.