THEORY6 Team 1241 - 2014 Reveal

Premiere Reveal


  • 6 Wheel belt-driven West Coast Drive powered by 6 CIMs (2 CIMs and 1 mini-CIM per side)
  • Geared for 14 fps
  • Encoder, Gyro, Camera driven Autonomous

Intake Arm:

  • 4 inch roller with spiral tread powered by 2 bag motors geared at 20:1 gear ratio using Vex Planetary
  • Pneumatically actuated outward

Catapult & Winch:

  • Powered by 2 gearboxes, using 1 cim on each at 63:1 gear ratio
  • Motors pivot away from gearbox to disengage and free spin for shot
  • Potentiometer to maintain catapult position

Good luck to all teams!

Very cool robot. After seeing this shoot it took me a while to notice the pivoting CIM to release the catapult. That is an ingenious design and is one of the small things that makes this robot so impressive to watch.

Very nicely executed. Your catapult release is very ingenious.

This is an amazing design. I love the pivoting CIM to release the winch. This is probably my favorite robot yet.