There arent many specific rules about the human player...

Which brings up a question I just thought of.

Obviously the human player can hold more than one ball at a time. Right?

Well, is there anything against having something attatched to the human player to help them have a few more balls, say closer to their reach, so that they dont have to bend down to get the balls?

I know that this could have its pros and cons. All my question is… would some sort or system/something be against any rules? Or just seem stupid? *


Thank you. I didnt see that one, must have missed it. But I still wonder… maybe the human players should be good strategizers this year…

Perhaps you could grab two balls at once (they’re 7 inches after all, pretty small), one in each hand.

Or even 2 in one hand if you have huge hands :wink:

i was wondering that to but the HP this year can be very helpful at times!!! :wink: :wink: :wink: but that is what i think so far!!!

Don’t forget, the drivers and coaches are allowed to handle balls, just not introduce them onto the field. Your coach could just hand balls off to the HP one by one…

I don’t beleive there is a rule against just setting them on the ground of the player station either… :wink:

But you still have to bend down to get them… but… there ARE three human players… and how often are ALL three bots going to be loading up.

I think ashley is onto something…

so the three human players on each alliance:

a) cannot have a baseball mitt on their hand to catch balls
b) cannot have a Jai-Alai Cesta basket (look it up…) tied to their hands
c) cannot be wearing a backpack or apron to pre-stage extra balls
d) cannot toss balls onto the field during 10-sec auto period

But, human players:
a) can toss balls back and forth to each other as needed as long as they stay within the team box
b) can send or receive a ball to any other member of the alliance in a relay
c) can toss balls over the wall anywhere EXCEPT into the center goal

Human players can surely have a lot of FUN…

yeah, but I think the problem with putting balls on the ground is that if you step on one, you could fall into your drivers causing your robot to do something that was bad and then you’ll get your team made at you.

shrugs all in all I have to say balls on floor is okay but only if you can corral them on the floor

That’s a really good strategy. You have the driver control the robot, you have the arm and coach take balls out of the corner goals/alliance area, and hand them to the human player. If each person uses both their hands, that could result in some pretty fast loading.

Remember when people used to put a basketball or some such in their shirt and walk around saying “I’m pregnant?” I don’t see a violation there, as it is not special clothing by any means.

What about a big tshirt? Think about it, Get like an XXL shirt on your Coach, and just have him pull it out to store some balls for quick access for the HP. i mean, theres nothing wrong with a baggy shirt, right? Thats the style now adays anyway right? :cool:

Oh man, that is just begging to be turned into a spotlight quote…

Aw, when is the baby due! lol. :rolls eyes:

This game will be fun. :slight_smile:

Possibly have them next to the controller. Since the HP will be standing there anyway, you won’t have to bend down to reach them. I don’t think there’s any rules against that.