There is a movie star among us!

Hi everyone!

I was trudging through movie review websites and I discovered something very interesting and funny today…

Did anyone know that Ken Leung is in the new movie “Saw”?

Just look under the list of cast members!!!

Ken…is there something you aren’t telling us buddy?

Have fun,
-Andy Grady

4 Movies Ken?? Where is that FIRST movie?? C’mon Ken, after you do 4 movies I would think you would have some say in making new movies…

Wow… Ken has been busy… Now I understand why he doesn’t sleep (other than at FIRST events)…

I wish I could make that profile omit the picture :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he was the Karaoke Salesman in “Keeping the Faith” a few years ago too-

but he denies it…

WC :cool:

Sorry guys… I had to keep my career and my hobby seperate…

Besides, you have a real celebrity already. Just Google John V-neun, all the results in the first page is directly linked him. Talk about someone famous!

Hey man,
It’s just cuz I have a unique name.
There are only 2 Vielkind-Neun’s in the world.
I’m the dumb(er) one.


So does that mean that if you ever get famous like Ken and get to be in a movie, it will be titled “V-Neun and V-Neuner”?? :smiley:


I think if we were in a movie together, it would be more aptly titled “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. :wink:

Who knew David Kelly was really old?

That is before my family and I migrated from the Irish homeland. I got that botox treatment many years ago. Nobody has noticed. :ahh: