There is new falcon 500 motor?

There is new falcon motor ?
I have see this 2 motors side by side (attached photo)
• The right one is from SDs mk4 cad model
• the left one is from vex (rev 3) (217-5515)
The left one also have 2 ventilation openings

I think that’s the V2 (from SDS) verses the newer V3 falcons. V3 falcons featured an updated (not removable) motor shaft. V3 falcons are also significantly longer than V2 falcons, as seen in your photo.

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The new V3 ever went on sale ?

Yes i think mid season or right before, 220$ tho…

Also it is out of stock for the rest of the year, has a ton of problems


It did.

For an average of 5 minutes per vendor restock.

In mid build.


IIRC it wasnt 5 minutes per vendor, It was 5 minutes total across all vendors