Week One March 1st - 7th
** Regional & District competitions, Kansas City, BAE Granite State, Smoky Mountains, Alamo, San Diego, Kettering University, Gull Lake, Hatboro-Horsham.**
[LEFT]With the help of teams, last year this website broadcast live most of the FIRST robotic competitions. With over 35000 views from more than 1900 places, this year the hope is to do the same.
If you are webcasting a competition e-mail, we will host it and provide links to your team site for recognition.[/LEFT]

Confused again. Does this meen that these are being webcast or that you are hoping to get volunteers to webcast or none of the above?

Greater Kansas City LIVE NOW !

Greater Kansas City

BAE Granite State

Smoky Mountains

Alamo Regional

I have to say, the site came a long way from when I first saw it. I’m very impressed. One spot with all the webcasts, and a chat room. Couldn’t ask for more.

Its like watching ESPN on game day.

Join us for week four of the FIRST Robotics competitions,
** [size=6]REBOUND Rumble LIVE[/size]!!!

[LEFT]Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Boston, St. Louis, Buckeye, Palmetto, Seattle Olympic, Seattle Cascade, Waterloo, Wisconsin, Niles, Northville, Lenape and one of our favorites, The Midwest Regional. We have partnered up with Team 71 Hammond to bring you a message about cyber bullying.
[FONT=Arial Black][size=2]]([/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial Black]FIRST Robotics Team 71 Hammond will be competing at the Midwest Regional this week, hope to see you there and good luck to all the team this week.[/FONT][/LEFT]

"It’s like being there!"

We have all the feeds LIVE NOW!! REBOUND Rumble FIRST Robotics CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT


** Scout, Chat and Watch it LIVE!**

Hey Vision, please re-read the CD rules.


You’ve posted basically the same message 6 times in the past 2 days. At this point it’s just spam.

Join us today after the event. In the chat room for scouting discussions on strategies, division results, OPR, CCWM and predictions on division and championship winners.