There's No Place Like Home

City does ribbon cutting of the Rochester Engineering Centre. So far three teams occupy the site. 73 the Visioneers, 191 the X-Cats and 3838 Roc City Robotics.
YNN provides coverage of the event.

Very cool guys. Congrats. Can’t wait for FLR!

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle also wrote an articile about the site.

“Their ultimate goal is to build a robot that will climb a wall and place pegs on rings protruding from it”

I love it when people try to describe the game for their article. They are surrounded by people who can easily describe the game for them but they seem to want to try to describe it themselves.

From 2005…
“The students’ creations zipped back and forth in a rink, picking up television-sized tetrahedrons and stacking them while jousting with one another.”

From 2009…
“which combination of conveyor belt, combine and auger would best enable the robot they’re designing to aim balls at enemies on a field designed to imitate the moon’s gravity.”

Every time I see a news article or a news story about FIRST the misinformation just makes me wince. This just shows the poor state of journalism today.
They could easily do some research and go to the FIRST website to confirm the information needed and they wouldn’t look so misinformed.