They are back!!! - The Regional Events

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 2005 regionals. So honestly, who besides me are sitting in class staring at the clock and wondering how many classes you have to sit through before you are in the pit area of your next FIRST competition? Time has been slowly passing and now it is time to get competition mode. I cannot wait to check out the new robots and I am so excited, let the games begin!!! Good luck to all teams competing and I’ll see you at nationals!!!

GO 1403!!!

I am one who is constantly looking a a calender. My team, 399, is going to Las Vegas, the last weekend of regionals. It is painful sitting there waiting while all the other regionals are going on.

Good Luck to all teams

6 days 1hr left until UTC!!! i cant wait 6 days is going to be a long time

just a few hrs away for me!!! yay FINGER LAKES REGIONAL!!!

I can’t wait.

Currently at the Courtyard Marriot in Rochester with 2 team members in my room watching Leno/Daily Show and enjoying our free RR connection.

Finger Lakes Regional in roughly 9 hours!!! :slight_smile:

Can’t beleive only 6 more hours to go. After that we’ll be on the road trip to VCU Richmond VA. I"M FREAKING OUT :ahh: …This is my first year and i’m so excited :rolleyes:

The hardest part for me is the BAE regional in manchester New Hampshire is 1 town away…and we didnt get in. Now i get to go watch and wait a month till toronto…

I still have to wait another 2 weeks. :frowning:
I wanted just to watch and hangout at VCU but it doesnt look like that will be happening. Oh well, at least I still get Annapolis(which we actually compete at) and Denver. And then championships of course.