They're Back: TechBrick's FLL Resources for 2019-20

They’re Back: TechBrick’s FLL Resources for 2019-20

Our fourteenth year of providing help resources, images, tips, and more!

Go get them!

What you will find on our 2019-20 FLL resource page

  • Images For Your Own Worksheets, Posters, and Clothing
  • Group Exercises for Team Building
  • Worksheet for the Challenge Table
  • 11x17 Field Worksheet for Strategy
  • A Worksheet for the Challenge Elements
  • A Strategy Worksheet for the Challenge Pieces
  • Step-By-Step Programming Worksheet
  • Awesome Lego parts that can win you a FLL tournament (5 pages)
  • Cool LEGO Ruler With Stud Counters
  • Mission Path Robot Speed Spreadsheet
  • Digital Truths Articles
  • And more!

Older but still awesome resources:

All the previous resource pages are listed on your home page, bottom right:

Enjoy! And let’s build bots and cities!

// Marco


I remember you guys from back at the start (no joke) when I was doing fll. Your resources have always been great and I’m glad you are still sharing with the community!


Thank you. When we started with 8 home schoolers in 2003 I never imagined we would grow to be an active, ongoing program! We now, again, have 80 students, K-12, from 28 schools in our area. Amazing.

Glad we could be of help!

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You young whippersnappers. My daughter was on a team in 2000, when you had to build your own field elements out of wood, and tape your mats. If you didn’t do it correctly, you had problems when you got to the competition!

Edit: Of course, we don’t have the continuous team history you guys have. But my wife and I are still volunteering at events.

Wow. That is amazing. I’ve had so much fun at FIRST events. Hope to meet you along the way!