They're Off!!

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Good Evening Teams,

The first new control system kits have just left the building on their way to teams who paid their registration fee and requested early shipment. The last two items arrived at our warehouse yesterday afternoon and I promised the kits would go out as soon as possible, so now we’re shipping out kits as fast as we can pack them. The first 150 went out this evening and we’ll get back to work bright and early tomorrow morning. Its not too late to get in on the fun. We’ll continue shipping control system kits until December 5th, so if you change your mind, change your settings in TIMS.

46 days until kickoff,
See you then!

Woo Hoo!

aww yea, i cant wait

And thus ends any appearances of my life being normal… and to think, I planned on relearning piano before kickoff :frowning:

and I planned on getting prepared for/studying for my exams :smiley:

Its like a heavanly early start to FRC2009!

cant wait to start experimenting!!!

I’m glad; this means that ours will hopefully arrive before our first scheduled meeting (which is to organize everything in it and play with it).

Luckily I’m a senior and I have been accepted to my school of choice and given some pretty good scholarships there… so I don’t really have to worry anymore.*

*I do have to keep my grades above a certain level cumulative GPA, but it’s nearly impossible to drop below it now (especially since my Latin and German teachers are sympathetic)**.
**I’ll still keep my grades up… but I won’t worry as much anymore.

Yeah, new control system!
45 days til kickoff!

Ironically it’s a great start to our pre-season! (Our first meeting is tomorrow) Can’t wait to get it!

I wonder if this counts as one of our game clues?


Matthew Forman
Mortorq 1515

UPS ground to Hawaii. Scheduled to be received by the end of next week.
I guess that means the following Monday since our school will be closed. :frowning:

There’s something just plain wrong about that statement.

Did you receive shipping info? I guess we aren’t getting one of the first shipment of shipments, did that make sense?

Been a long year, we started our pre-season training in October and have been meeting 3 days a week.

You will receive a FedEx or UPS email and tracking number when they pick up your Control System package.
I’m sure they’re packing up the boxes as fast as they possibly can, trying to get them out to us all by Thanksgiving.

P.S. Our new Control System passed me on the way to work this morning!

Nov 19, 2008 
10:05 AM   **Delivered **        Smithtown, NY 
6:51 AM    On FedEx vehicle for deliveryHOLBROOK, NY 
6:26 AM    At local FedEx facility   HOLBROOK, NY 
 3:01 AM  Departed FedEx location  WILLINGTON, CT 
12:43 AM   Arrived at FedEx location  WILLINGTON, CT 
Nov 18, 2008 
9:59 PM    Left FedEx origin facility  LONDONDERRY, NH 
7:57 PM    Arrived at FedEx location  LONDONDERRY, NH 
5:02 PM    Picked up  LONDONDERRY, NH 
2:34 PM    Package data transmitted to FedEx  

Fedex notification! For 1 of our 2 teams, but not both?

Ship date Nov 18, 2008
Estimated delivery Nov 20, 2008

I strongly urge teams to read and follow the directions on on setting up your new controller. Please ask questions of Beta teams.

Take your time! And most importantly THINK before you do.

sigh I wonder how they are determining who’s gets shipped when? We want it yesterday! :slight_smile: I haven’t been this excited since I was 12 years old and it was x-mas eve.

Maybe you’ll have to teach the robot to play piano. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not going to lie, this comment just made my day, it also means I will spend the rest of the day thinking of how to make a robot play piano…

I almost cried in happiness when I saw this :slight_smile:
Its gonna be a good year!

Ditto!!! :yikes: :ahh: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:

Honestly, ask the kids on the team, I’m still just a big kid. Balding and graying, but still just a kid.

This season is going to ROCK!!