Things that get you into the FIRST "good place"

Assuming there was a religion-like-ideology that included some sort of afterlife and used FRC as a foundation of its tenets, and it included a “good place” and “bad place”, what would get you into the good place? What would get you into the “bad place”? None of these have to be serious, and you can be as tongue and cheek as you want.

Here are mine

Good place: Zebra stripe pants

Bad place: running in the pits.


Good place: Being polite and saying excuse me in the pits when pushing a robot cart.

Bad place: screaming ROBOTTTTTT at the top of your lungs.


Good Place: Helping others because you want to (and because it helps your team do better too).

Bad Place: Only helping others for the Chairman’s clout.

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Good Place: Gracious Professionalism (both GP)
Bad Place: Safety Theatre

Good place: leaving bordies all over 1899’s shop
Bad place: taking food from the FRC snack cabinet

Am I missing the point?

Good place: Volunteer shirts.
Bad place: Complaining about volunteer shirts to people not in the volunteer shirt chain of command.


Volunteer shirts are so bad that I haven’t worn any since this morning when I took off the Beach Bot Battle shirt I’d put on yesterday after church. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seriously, I think my robotic volunteer shirts (including FLL and off-season) average about equal quality to the robotic event shirts I have bought - and I won’t buy low quality event shirts.


Good place: Fastened Mate in Onshape
Bad place: Three Planar Mates in Onshape

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Good Place: Welcoming and including everyone who wants to join your team.
Bad Place: Tryouts.

GOOD PLACE: The ever growing list of events that allow me to plan my travel schedule for the next season.
BAD PLACE: Overlapping events that make me have to miss out on my favorite places to go to.

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