Things to bring at the competition

so we’re kind of a rookie team, and I believe we can bring about 30 lbs of parts and such for our bot to the competition. My mentor wanted me to find out what exactly are the things we’re allowed ot bring. Any information or links you have would be appreciated. Thanks for helping us out!

Not “about” 30 lbs…

The Withholding Allowance (<R33>) is up to 30 lbs of Fabricated Items, not counting the Minibot, the batteries and cables, and the Operator Console. You may also bring unlimited COTS parts.

What is in those limits is up to the team; many things will be dependent on a team’s design and what the team chose to withhold.

What you really want to look at here is <R32> and <R33> in the manual, as well as the definition of COTS part and Fabricated item. In addition, section 4 of the admin manual might be of some help, particularly the suggested packing list at the end.

In summary ::rtm::, you can bring 30 pounds of “fabricated items”, your minibot, your robot batteries, the operator console for your robot (i.e. the stuff that you’ll be placing on the operator shelf and using to drive), and an unlimited number of COTS items. You should also bring appropriate tools and supplies, and whatever parts in the KOP you didn’t use (which gives you an opportunity to help other teams). Somewhere around here (search is your friend), there is a thread with suggestions of other things to remember.

Good luck!

You won’t find this in a manual anywhere but you will need COUGH DROPS!! If you haven’t started losing your voice by Friday afternoon, you aren’t getting the full experience

You will also want to bring any tools that you will need to build/repair/maintain the robot during the competition. But keep in mind that pit space is limited.

A good thing to do is to keep your pit clean.

This is the very first thing I thought of, too. My second thought was to point you to MOEmentum’s pre competition advice. Good luck and have fun!