things to do before kick-off

i was wondering if there is anything that my team could do for the rest off the 25 days before kick-off any ideas?

Go easy on the guy, he’s new to CD. Maybe show him around a bit instead of just abruptly shutting him down?

Welcome to CD, Guardian. As pointed out by yash101, it is advised to search a topic before you post a new thread about it. You can use the “Search” button on the taskbar to do this. I also advise all new Chief Delphi members to read and absorb this thread with regards to learning the ropes of CD. Have fun and happy roboting!

Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t know he was new :(. Oh yeah, and the edit button worked so the delete button was visible :D.

Oh yeah. Let me also say, welcome to CD! Have a question and there are amazing people like Ether, EricH, Techhelpbb, Stinglikeabee, Al_Skeirkiewicz (did I spell it right?), and many other smart people who will always have the answers!

(sorry if I missed your name. You all are awesome!)