Things you like about the new CD


What do you like about the new CD? Are there any neat features you’ve found that others may not know about?

Things you like about the new CD

New replies showing up while typing a reply is useful so you don’t accidentally say the same thing at the same time as someone else


Haven’t experienced most of the features but I like being able to like other posts in a thread


I was going to say the same thing, but I saw you replying and didn’t.


The mobile experience! Actually having decent sized touch targets on a phone makes it so much better haha

Things you miss from the old CD

Although I’m still adjusting I really do like the new style. The new CD logo looks awesome!


I guess i kinda like seeing posts being made in realtime

The search feature is also nice bc of the preview available

  • Markdown support


The mobile support seems great, and dark mode is a fantastic feature to finally have! Also just Discourse is a great platform all around :slight_smile:


I’m a fan of the lack of signatures. The page is clean, and content focused.


Out of curiosity, how are people changing the text next to their username?


Being able to “like” posts instead of having to write a reply is probably my favorite new feature


The way replies can be expanded in-line below the original post or the original post can be expanded above the reply is kinda cool - hadn’t seen that before

Null meaning?

It seems that that feature is missing at this point. It stays as whatever you had in your AKA before the switch.

There is an issue open here

  • dark theme
  • quoting logic


I like the pop-up help menu showing up when I hit ? for shortcuts, the hamburger menu coming up when I hit =, and the shortcuts like g,h to go home and g,l to go to the latest posts.


I didn’t know about this, I love it!


I do not want to be negative, but I personally hate the new forum. I thought that the previous website was much faster and clearer. I also will now have trouble finding posts as I do not know what pages they are on, instead it is one page. Also I can not identify who is who as there are no team numbers, no green dots, no signature, no location… Anyway while the new website is harder to navigate that is probably just because it is new.


I like the new look. Gives a fresh feeling as opposed to the 1990 website


The timeline scroll bar on the side of the thread that allows you to jump quickly to the bottom of a thread or to a specific post. Also the shortcuts, which make navigation a breeze.