Things you like about the new CD


I like the special callout above necro posts to indicate that time has elapsed (e.g. “6 MONTHS LATER”).


I’m a fan of the dark theme. Gives my eyes a break!

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I wish there was a middle ground between the bright white and the dark theme. Some kind of gray area…


While I have a lot of complaints about the new layout, I must say I do like the continuous scrolling on posts. Having to load between pages on the old site was frustrating at times.


I haven’t seen a GIF post yet.

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I don’t like that it seems a lot harder to reference old whitepapers. For example, the modifying the SB50 connectors to fit 4 gauge wire guide that Triple Helix put together. Everyone that I try says it’s nonexistent.





I’m really liking the ability to highlight text that you want to quote when you hit reply.


I do have to say, I really like both the new way of quoting other posts and that we can like individual posts. The likes thing is really nice if you’re just scrolling through quick and you wanna have some highlights to read rather then an entire thread. Before for myself this was usually based on who wrote it but with the new system it can be based on which posts have the most likes.

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The likes could be really useful if there was a way that heavily liked posts were highlighted or brought to the top. It would reduce clutter in technical threads but could also cause confusion in threads about rule speculation.


Its so CLEAN. It looks nice and its easy to navigate. I always had a hard time on the old CD site. But recently I was getting used to it before the big update.

Also responses update in real time??? That’s awesome oh my god. I love this update.


I love that when you open a thread it automatically scrolls to where you left off, and mobile support is extremely convenient.

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For me, one of the nicest things is mobile. It is way nicer than it was with the old VBulletin website. That thing was borderline unusable, I either had to have the phone an inch away from my face or I was scrolling side to side while zoomed in. The new (web?) app is really easy to use and intuitive.


I’m a simple guy, I like that there is a Dark theme.


Yeah, that was really frustrating… “On one of these 34 pages, we have exactly what you need!”

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After a bit more time to get familiar with the platform, I think be best improvement compared to v-bulletin is the search function. Though I could usually find what I was looking for, that only happened after learning the search function for a few years. I’ve yet been able to find any threads I’ve searched for in Discourse. This is an amazing change.

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I think this already exists, check out this topic. If you click on the “Summarize This Topic” button it does what you are describing.

Edit: Holy cow! @Brandon_Martus liked my comment! I feel so important now! Sidenote, did y’all know that you could view what people liked? Check his out here.

One other thing: I noticed that there is a badge for “successful completion of the interactive new user tutorial”. I haven’t seen this tutorial, where could I find it? Thanks.


I’m a big fan of the “Latest Post” view being default-- “New Posts” was pretty much the only way I ever browsed the old forum.

I am having to reconstruct the filters for content that wasn’t previously viewed by default, but that’s actually pretty nice since I never actually took a super close look at that before.


Send a DM to @discobot and say “start new user” and it will begin the tutorial.