Things you like about the new CD

I love that when you open a thread it automatically scrolls to where you left off, and mobile support is extremely convenient.

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For me, one of the nicest things is mobile. It is way nicer than it was with the old VBulletin website. That thing was borderline unusable, I either had to have the phone an inch away from my face or I was scrolling side to side while zoomed in. The new (web?) app is really easy to use and intuitive.


I’m a simple guy, I like that there is a Dark theme.


Yeah, that was really frustrating… “On one of these 34 pages, we have exactly what you need!”

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After a bit more time to get familiar with the platform, I think be best improvement compared to v-bulletin is the search function. Though I could usually find what I was looking for, that only happened after learning the search function for a few years. I’ve yet been able to find any threads I’ve searched for in Discourse. This is an amazing change.

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I think this already exists, check out this topic. If you click on the “Summarize This Topic” button it does what you are describing.

Edit: Holy cow! @Brandon_Martus liked my comment! I feel so important now! Sidenote, did y’all know that you could view what people liked? Check his out here.

One other thing: I noticed that there is a badge for “successful completion of the interactive new user tutorial”. I haven’t seen this tutorial, where could I find it? Thanks.


I’m a big fan of the “Latest Post” view being default-- “New Posts” was pretty much the only way I ever browsed the old forum.

I am having to reconstruct the filters for content that wasn’t previously viewed by default, but that’s actually pretty nice since I never actually took a super close look at that before.

Send a DM to @discobot and say “start new user” and it will begin the tutorial.


I really like the ability to take a snip/screenshot of something and directly paste it inline into a post, rather than having it show as an attachment. It makes screen capture tools like Jing that much more useful for discussion on CD.

As an example, image this image was snipped and pasted into the post using just a couple of clicks and good ol’ Ctrl+V.


+1 to the dark theme!

By far, the new search functionality:

  • Search is useful now
  • Corollary: it’s no longer faster to go to Google to find the result than wait for the builtin search
  • Can change parameters easily to filter through things
  • Searching within a thread gets a list of posts containing the keyword
  • Don’t have to solve a captcha every time

The other thing I haven’t seen mentioned here but that I’m finding invaluable is the ability to send a link to a specific post without it losing clear context and replies. It’s a huge improvement for sharing content with other team members.

I think the bookmark system is a great addition. It would be nice on the bookmark screen if you could click the bookmark symbol to unboommark the item. Essentially making these two items do the same thing. @Brandon_Martus

I am liking having the multiple pages on the home page. I can browse latest to see what is interesting or if anything catches my eye when I first revisit the site and then use new or unread to see other things that I might not have caught on my eye on my read over of latest.

Pasting from a spreadsheet was easy and formatted great. Engineering Awards Quinfecta

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Wow, that really does look nice. Thanks, Discourse! (and @Brandon_Martus for all the work that went into getting us on Discourse, of course :wink:)

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The read-post-continue reading workflow is outstanding.

On vBulletin, I’d create a post, preview it multiple times to verify I was getting the formatting I’d like, and then post. At that point there was no easy path back to the list of posts. Here, I just hit back/swipe right and I’m back in context in the post listing.

Right now I’m posting from the airplane with the usual intermittent network connectivity. Both posting and reading work great, with no data loss on my previous post.

Two-way linking is pretty slick. Like when I reference post A from post B, a little link gets added to the bottom of post A which sends you to post B.

It’ll be so much easier to wander around related topics once more links start getting added.

Today I just discovered that searching for an old thread via YouTube ID works particularly well for any older YT videos posted to CD.

Typing responses is much more pleasant now that I can use markdown, and now that it’s not nearly so easy to accidentally lose everything you typed.

I’m really excited to have Discourse as the Chief Delphi forums engine. I have worked with Discourse on the Maslow CNC Forums (shameless plug :grin:). Discourse’s emphasis on civilized discussion is well-aligned with FIRST’s Gracious Professionalism.

One feature I haven’t seen mentioned here is the ability to navigate around while you are composing your reply. You can scroll back in the current thread or even find another thread, a user, etc. Makes it easier to add links and shout-outs to posts!

Also, Discourse being open source, perhaps a few folks from the FIRST community will contribute to Discourse and make it even better!