Things you like about the new CD


As someone who suspects Chief Delphi usage was declining due to the outdated forum software, there’s definitely some problems. The subcategories are not organized in an easy-to-navigate fashion at all, mainly.


I was gonna agree but i cant seem to quote the markdown part…

At least now i can easily strike stuff out or Bold bold it (apperently it isint 1-1 with discord’s xd)


Not getting Tapatalk notifications all the time will be pretty nice!


Oh, I got a badge from something i did 3 (4?) years ago, thats cool.


I like the clean interface and the darkmode


I like that I can see revision history by clicking the orange pencil icon next to a post which has been deleted or edited. For example, I have edited this post.


Actually the best part has definitely got to be the fact that when I habitually check Chief Delphi 10-20 times per day, I can actually browse the website! It’s good to have CD back.


I like the potential here. Chief Delphi is moving from an ancient software with dubious/nonexistent security capabilities and pretty locked down in features to a blank, open-source slate. I am interested to see how we adapt to it and what members of the community propose to make this a better place over time (just NOW is not really the best time to propose any changes).


I’ve been excited about the potential for Discourse since I first saw Jeff Atwood announce it in 2013. I’m glad it’s finally matured enough to the point CD has been able to switch.

Some of my favorite features so far have been:

  • support for Markdown
  • the ability to write a reply without navigating away from the page and still being able to reference the full thread
  • the new notification system
  • receiving likes on individual posts has so far been more fulfilling than the old private reputation system and a better way to signal good content
  • Gravatar support
  • native mobile browser support
  • jumping to the latest unread post actually works
  • alerts of new content without having to refresh the page
  • the indication a post has been edited and being able to see revision history
  • easier ability to quote just part of a post
  • threads are no longer paginated and have a timeline indicator
  • better emoji support :robot:

Big thanks to Brandon for making the switch and continuing to work on porting over the features we all loved from the old CD that haven’t made it yet! :slight_smile:


I also like the increased transparency on moderators. A badge is displayed next to someone’s name if they are a moderator and a list is easily accessible by anyone.


I will say that one of my favorite things about the new CD is the 1 page scrolling approach. Flipping through a bunch of pages on the VBulletin was a real pain. Ctrl + F is actually effective on here when trying to find something specific which I love.

Click Me

This is pretty nifty

  • Mobile: Miles better.
  • The new profile stuff is a little hidden, but it’s a much cooler look. (Click the picture of me on this post to see.)

I’m sure I’ll come across more as I get settled in.


It had my pfp at like 30x30 pixels. I had to reupload mine (and @jaredhk’s looks a little whacked too) but the customization is actually pretty cool.


You can see who is writing a reply to the thread in real time :open_mouth:


I like the timeline thing on the right hand side of the screen.


Can’t wait for “Several people are typing” on particularly dramatic threads


My first looks are that it is clean and efficient… after almost 15 years on the old site it will take a bit of getting used to, but I think it’s going to be worth it. If we aren’t moving, then we aren’t moving forward! I hope it makes the load lighter on the back end admin side of things.

What I most like/admire is the work that went into making the transition… that was a huge amount of creative effort and personal time, and it is very much appreciated.

Thank you!



This new profile stuff is going to be cool. More subtle so it doesn’t clamber up the thread (and you don’t immediately glance at someone’s rep or post count) but can add a lot more to it.


I really like the new interface and the potential for new features. Also ctrl + f instead of the rudimentary search tools for finding a post in a multi - page thread