Things you like about the new CD


I love the dark mode, that is one of my favorite parts. I love the idea of a new system with better and more modern support for modding. I want someone who actual knows how to program to make a way to @ a team number and its TBA stats get embedded, could even @ a TBA event code.

I love that that sort of idea is feasible

So many emoji! Is there a way for it to have a most used section, like forum wide?


So far, the native Dark Theme has been an absolute blessing. Opening up CD in the middle of the night when every other major program or app I use has a dark mode and blinding myself will happen no more!

The “reputation” system is a vast improvement over others but it’s not easily apparent who has many likes.

The ability to track and follow certain forums is really nice as well.

Thank you, Brandon, for all you do for this community, and especially for your push to get this in before kickoff.


I like the little scroll bar on the side of the page when viewing a thread. The searching function is much better now also.


It’s up in time for kick-off. I was gerting real worried.

The rest I will get used to. But I am really feeling a ‘get off my lawn’ moment with the new interface.


I am excited for the development possibilities, especially because of how engaged and active the community is here. I bet it wont be long before we start seeing the plugins and customization suggestions. Sure, it will take some time to adjust to the change, but I think the future is bright.


Much better formatting on mobile without a third party app.


Even with the old app, the new web editor is miles better on mobile than Tapatalk was. And such a better user interface and less spam…


Despite not seeing the information about individual users at first glance, I do really appreciate clicking on a person’s profile picture to see how they customized their card and to see a summary of their credentials and what team their with. Plus mobile is much better.


I couldn’t agree more. It is much better then HTML.


100% agree. The old search where it would drop you on a huge thread with a “hey you have a match somewhere in here.” was a challenging pain point. Lazy load > Pagination for this sort of application.


Not being told to download a dumb app every time I visit the site on my phone is a huge improvement


I like the special callout above necro posts to indicate that time has elapsed (e.g. “6 MONTHS LATER”).


I’m a fan of the dark theme. Gives my eyes a break!


I wish there was a middle ground between the bright white and the dark theme. Some kind of gray area…


While I have a lot of complaints about the new layout, I must say I do like the continuous scrolling on posts. Having to load between pages on the old site was frustrating at times.


I haven’t seen a GIF post yet.


I don’t like that it seems a lot harder to reference old whitepapers. For example, the modifying the SB50 connectors to fit 4 gauge wire guide that Triple Helix put together. Everyone that I try says it’s nonexistent.





I’m really liking the ability to highlight text that you want to quote when you hit reply.