Things you like about the new CD


Today I just discovered that searching for an old thread via YouTube ID works particularly well for any older YT videos posted to CD.


Typing responses is much more pleasant now that I can use markdown, and now that it’s not nearly so easy to accidentally lose everything you typed.


I’m really excited to have Discourse as the Chief Delphi forums engine. I have worked with Discourse on the Maslow CNC Forums (shameless plug :grin:). Discourse’s emphasis on civilized discussion is well-aligned with FIRST’s Gracious Professionalism.

One feature I haven’t seen mentioned here is the ability to navigate around while you are composing your reply. You can scroll back in the current thread or even find another thread, a user, etc. Makes it easier to add links and shout-outs to posts!

Also, Discourse being open source, perhaps a few folks from the FIRST community will contribute to Discourse and make it even better!


I’m glad I’m used to navigating Discourse for almost 5 years on a different forum so the switch has been fairly painless for me. :smile: