Things you like about the new CD


Today I just discovered that searching for an old thread via YouTube ID works particularly well for any older YT videos posted to CD.


Typing responses is much more pleasant now that I can use markdown, and now that it’s not nearly so easy to accidentally lose everything you typed.


I’m really excited to have Discourse as the Chief Delphi forums engine. I have worked with Discourse on the Maslow CNC Forums (shameless plug :grin:). Discourse’s emphasis on civilized discussion is well-aligned with FIRST’s Gracious Professionalism.

One feature I haven’t seen mentioned here is the ability to navigate around while you are composing your reply. You can scroll back in the current thread or even find another thread, a user, etc. Makes it easier to add links and shout-outs to posts!

Also, Discourse being open source, perhaps a few folks from the FIRST community will contribute to Discourse and make it even better!


I’m glad I’m used to navigating Discourse for almost 5 years on a different forum so the switch has been fairly painless for me. :smile:


Everyone just uses the “like” button now on posts. Meaning the “+1” posts have been killed off, which is good since apparently they were illegal. Actually though, likes are much better than +1s.

Like if you agree, +1 if you disagree




Coming up on four weeks, and I think I’m mostly through the transition, so here goes:

  • I like the highlight/quote, though I don’t think it was worth the loss of multi-quote.
  • The dynamic notification menu under my avatar is cool, especially with the little notification bubble when there are ones I haven’t seen.
  • The running preview is great! Definitely got easier when I noticed the slider between the viewing and composing panes.
  • I like the :heart: for agreement and as an easy way to acknowledge that you read something.
  • And many more emojis to choose from!
  • Links that auto-embed are great; still trying to figure out which will and which won’t.
  • Typing markup is easier (but apparently not as powerful)


You can scroll around in the current topic (or even browse to new topics) and highlight+quote multiple areas … is that what you are referring to?

We can potentially add more sites to embed, if you find some that would be useful.


Thanks, actually discovered that earlier this morning.

Is there a list somewhere I can see?


Looks like these are supported in the module they use:


Being able to send someone a message about a their post and have it automatically link to the post and fill in the subject line is very nice. Saves a lot of time when you want to write a quick private note about someone’s post.

For anyone who hasn’t found this feature yet, it’s under the “Flag This Post” menu


You can also press the reply button and change your reply option. This method gives you the additional option to reply as a linked topic.


I’m discovering new things about the site that are useful, but I have to do it by observation, e.g., that the blue dots mean that there are new posts on a topic that you’re following.

One thing that was useful on the old site was being able to sort posts in reverse chronological order, i.e., newest posts at the top of the page/stack. Is there a setting buried here somewhere that I can change that view?


I :heart: the new CD.

  • Markdown!
  • Searching seems to work so much better
  • Notifications
  • Posts that you don’t have to scroll past an entire screen of signature (look how great I am) before you can see the next post.
  • Liking posts
  • Mobile support
  • Dark Theme
  • Moderator Flag

To me the new CD just seem to be more friendly and inviting to use. I have asked and answered more post in the last month, then in my last 3 or 4 years combined on the old system.

Big, huge, ginormous shoutout to the whole CD team.



Short answer: no. But there are a few workarounds. The easiest thing to do is use the slider bar on the right side of the page. Simply click on the timestamp at the bottom of it and you will be transported to the most recent post.

I found some discussion and explanations on the Discourse Meta site:


Thx, that helps


really loving the inline poll feature! greatly enhances the vital discourse


Payne is still here


Copy pasting out of excel is so much easier and makes nicer tables.