Things you miss from the old CD


What do you miss about the old CD that isn’t featured on Discourse?

Things you like about the new CD

I really liked signatures. They were actually the main method by which I remembered who was who.


Being able to see a persons team number right next to their name…


Reputations, I was elated when mine crossed the 11 bar threshold


That and team association…

I liked being able to see what subteam someone was on, what team they were from, and what their location is


And then that linking to TBA…


Not entirely sure if it’s accurate or not, but it feels like navigation is a bit slower now. Lots of relatively short delays.


The fun quotes at the top of the page


Yeah- vBullletin (perhaps due to its age) ran really quickly and seemed to have much less in the way of load times or animations.


I miss the style of the front page, along with reputation. Always felt nice getting rep by other member on my posts




I was bummed when i just saw that. And that all the reputation disappeared. Reputation kinda helped me consider who was a reliable source. :confused: Also it won’t let me upload my profile pic. :frowning:

Just noticed when you reply to someone in a thread it doesn’t “Quote” the post you’re referring too. :frowning:


Signatures, Team numbers next to names (With TBA Linking), WhoAmI pictures, and the 47 favicon.

Oh I really hate this “Body is too similar to what you recently posted” nonsense


Agree, although I understand the old PHP/Web 1.0 style may have been intimidating to new users, I mostly preferred the density of information and quick load times of the previous style. I wonder if we can find some sort of old-style theme to address some of these issues.


A gray/orange theme


Try highlighting the text you want to quote and then click “quote”.


You can highlight the text you want to quote and click the “Quote” popup - a little less convenient than other options I’ve seen, like a simple “Quote” button in that area where they have the like button and such


@indubitably While not exactly the same, the dark theme option (found in the Interface settings) makes the site feel a lot more like “Chief Delphi” to me.

To stay on topic, I miss the density of information. Everything feels more spread out and blank now.


My major hurdle is that the front page defaults to “Latest” when “Categories” would be a lot more approachable (and like the old CD.) I changed it in preferences, but it might be good default.


I honestly wasn’t a big fan of reputation. However, I don’t like that my user button is invisible. Possibly just a profile pic issue.