Things you miss from the old CD

The nostalgia haha, I still remember my first CD account (and the two after that because I kept forgetting my password and couldn’t be bothered to reset it). The old “unclean” compactness of the original site required less clicks and scrolling to get somewhere too.

I did a quick css/javascript update, but as I finished I realized I should do a proper plugin.

When I get time to re-do that properly, I may take you up on this offer.


Sounds good, either @Eugene_Fang or I can get that set up whenever you’re ready.

I know some others in the community were talking about building a plugin to deep-link event/team references to their TBA pages, which would be another cool enhancement we could make.


Agree wholeheartedly.

I posted a paper in CD-Media last night and it quickly got buried by all of the code/CAD releases. Hopefully there exists or someone can make an add-on for a second column on the home page just for CD-Media to make it easier to find like the old site had.

This. Scrolling through the designs (and occasionally their detailed discussion threads) was one of my favorite things to do in the off-season, and I’d love to see it brought back here.

Me too:

It also seems that we can’t search users by team numbers like we were able to do before :frowning_face:


Adding a sitemap will likely make this get fixed fairly quickly, or quicker than it would get without it, and will make sure it’s better indexed by search engines.

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Well due to the lack of user quotes at the top my secret competition to get more quotes then our team lead mentor is at an end…

Also I can barely recognize people.

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The only issues i find anymore are the mobile.chiefdelphi links (which shouldnt be used anyways to begin with but i digress) and some special ones that seem to link to a specific post (such as

What’s this new site built with? Do you know?


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I miss being able to search old team’s robots and find their pictures easily in the media section.

I understand change is not easy… but the timing for this was terrible. Right before kick-off. I have to say, I have not been using CD like I used to because it is not as FRC friendly anymore.

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I miss seeing number of posts a user has next to their username. It was a good proxy for who has experience and FRC knowledge. Also, I miss the space in my username!

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I miss the quotes at the top and seeing team numbers as well as signatures

Pretty sure the pp= part of the URL controlled how many posts to show on a single page. Idk what URLs @Toatekua was talking about, but regardless all large sites should have sitemaps so stuff can be more efficiently, quickly, and more thoroughly indexed.

I agree, I think they also added a layer of character to the site as a whole, as it made posts seem more alive and full of character, if that makes any sense.

@plnyyanks @Brandon_Martus Seeing the “we could have X plugin” posts/threads, would it make sense to have a CD GitHub organization for all of the eventual plugins? Granted, so far I’ve only seen two so far (TBA and CD-Media).

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I feel like the old forum was more conducive to reading the entire post where as this site constantly loads new posts as you scroll and it gives the appearance of a Facebook wall (cut the Facebook cord many a moon ago) so it can feel like work to try and read the post before replying (and we know how well that goes over with CD)

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I fail to see how this is a bad thing? People should be reading posts before replying, otherwise you just get an echo chamber of the same responses over and over again.

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